Prove your love

Hi, y'll!
This lovely, pink yet minimalistic Elle UK February 11 cover with my favourite model, who's also Girl's doppelgänger Chanel Iman, reminded me that it's the most commercialized and fake occasion soon. Yes, St. Valentine's day, a day when couples, regardless their true feelings towards each other, have to "prove" their love by spending some money on, at time, hideous things. 14 Feb also has an impact on singles - another reminding that you have no partner, and there's no one who'll verify their feelings by presenting a gift.

Perhaps this day brings authentic joy only to new couples, who's love is young and fresh, whatever...    
So, I was fashion hunting yesterday and look what I found in my favourite physical Latvian fashion store KLASE. This could be some kind of a present on St. Valentine's day for a guy, who always on the go and needs some data storage besides him 24/7. This bracelet with integrated 4 GB USB flash memory could also serve as digital era's photo pendant for guys. Image, how many picture you can upload to this bracelet!

This bracelet is also available on eBay. More info here <-HERE. Time to shop! Price is around 33LVL.


Q&A time [BOY]

Hi, y'all!
First of all, I'd like to thank all our fans and friends for amazing response and support. People really ask why we have stopped blogging anf when we will be back. Well we already are!  I won't hide it - it's getting harder and harder everyday to cope with all that fashion...to intense and too hypocritical (thanks R). It's always a pleasure to work with professional, pity, that we have were few here in Riga...

Alright, now it's question and answers time...Many of our followers ask questions lately  when they see me in person. I've summed up most frequent and here are my As for your Qs

Q: How you are involved in fashion magazine www.parterre.lv ?
A: Fully. Along with Girl and Valerija Medvedeva (also a blogger popular among Russian speaking Latvians) I'm co-owner of the magazine, managing editor and stylist :PPPP.

Q: What's DJ Ella wearing on Parterre cover
A: A dress and top by Keta Gutmane - collection made specially for Riga's fashion shop BLOW. We all loved the dress and felt urge of putting it on DJ Ella for cover shooting. Necklace by mega creative jewellery designer Māris Šustiņš sold in Putti galerry and bracelet by Pandora.

Q: What's your name
A: I'm Deniss

Q: Why you like Markus Riva that much, are you in love?
A: No, I'm not. Markus is multi-talented artist. You can argue as much as you can, but people, honestly,walk the walk, don't talk the talk. Beside he is super intelligent person. BTW, check his album!

Q: Why are you so misogynist in CALENDAR.Live reality show?
A: In fact I'm not, producer picked invited me after seeing my comments on FaceBook and decided that I'm some kind of a local Janice Dickinson (I wish I could be more Janice). It is a show and some harsh critics must be said. And people don't be so hard on me - this was my first TV experience.

So, that's it for today! If you have any question, I'll be happy to answer.




The Sartorialist


I haven't been here for a while and I'm sorry for that :) I just saw this short film about Scott Shcumann (the guy behind The Sartorialist blog) and thought to share it with you. Inspirational...

Enjoy your weekend :)



Hi y'all, it's 2011

Greetings y'all in 2011!

Yes, yes, we know that we were a bit "out of fashion coverage" lately and that the world is dyeing for some fresh news about Latvian Fashion. S'n'S NYR is to continue our mission to spread a good word about Latvian designer, but meanwhile we were popularising Latvian fashion gems and pearls here, in Latvia. For all those who doesn't know, Boy and Girl have evolved into editors on the very first online high-end fashion magazine in Eastern Europe titled Parterre. Chick this out, it's AWESOME and FABULOUS, yet in Latvian and Russian. www.parterremag.com

Talking about coverage, we had a pretty good one last season ourselves, ENJOY or BE JEALOUS or DIE.

Lots of love
P.S. S'n'S will be more fierce, edgy and harsh in 2011. NO FRAKING MERCY!