Elephantastic LONDON

I’m back from London - one of my favorite cities in the whole world. I think there’s no need to talk about London as one of the fashion capitals/ shopping paradise / multiculturalism etc.  Not even mentioning Royal family, red buses, Big Ben and other blahblahblah :)

In past 4 years I’ve been in London exactly 4 times and it always surprises and inspires me. This time it was all about elephants, flowers and food. Doesn’t sound very fashionably but actually it was. Seems like mission impossible for me to escape fashion related things/events. Wait… nooooo, I’m not complaining at all :)


Bologger of the Forest

Hallå, y'all!
Here's Boy blogging...from the suburbia of Riga. Alrighty, the end of May is poor on fashion and fašon, but it's just about to change - PERONS (LMA Students' fashion show) is just around the corner on 1st June. Yay! So, as usual Stuff'n'Style took care of y'all - we have two (for one person only) invitation to PERONS fashion show. It was really hard to get it, so please do appreciate it! To enter a contest please answer the following question by commenting on our FB (seacrh us) page, Twitter (adding #snsperons) or here below: What is the best fashion blog in Latvia?


It's Eurovision Time

Greetings, y'all!

It's Eurovision Song Contest time. Now ESC semi-final is live here - http://www.eurovision.tv/esctv
And this is our our entry 

P.S. this post is related to stuff not style ^_^



Sveiki, y'all!
Dear followers, you still have a great opportunity to get invitation for two to Amber Muse Gathering which will take place tonight. This gonna be a great party and in a great place. Just join our page on Facebook and will pick up 10 lucky winners randomly at 16:30 GMT+2!. Just search for Stuff’n’Style in FaceBook “like” our page and you’ll automatically enter the lottery.


Sunny Sill

Zdravo, y'all!
It's not a secret that both Girl and Boy are working in the same company. We  moved to a new office recently which is located just right - Brīvības and Dzirnavu corner. Today is a very sunny day and looks like that  a long awaited by some fashion bloggers T-Storm is delayed. Just in case I suggest to use FORECA weather forecast, they are more accurate. So I took my laptop and now I'm sitting on a sill and working (now I have a break, so I can write this post). This street corner is amazing, minimum once a week I see a celebrity passing this corner. Few weeks ago it was Markus Riva, Artis Štamgūts (happy birthday, by the way) lately and today already-institutionalize-fashion-blogger Agnesiga aka Agnese Kleina. 
art (māksla) and shopping - sounds scary and impossible in GC


Join us this weekend

Cześć, y'all!
I'm still recovering from intense weekend - a blast and refined post about it is  here. Today is Monday, so actually I have noting fashion elated to post about, however if you are interested in modelling, or becoming a model for a day, or you have a friend, who is modellish looking, you have a chance to fulfil your dream. Latvian Academy of Arts will have it's annual students' fashion show in early June. Of course they need some models, so come tomorrow to Shopping Mall Domina after 17:00, meeting point - information desk and maybe you'll be selected as a model. Good luck!
I said no fashion related things?! I did indeed, but there are always some style related thingies, remember?! Right my great friends from record lable Amber Muse Bogdan Taran and Max Lomov have something great to share with!  Craft B. (three Latvian lads who produce music) returns with a song just in time for Spring and Summer seasons. Guys joined forces with Veronique, who's vocal/lyrical skills were honed with Detroit House Music legends Aaron-Carl (Wallshaker Music), Derwin Hall (UR) and Delano Smith (Mix Mode Recordings). 


S'n'S: Spreading the word of FAŠON nationwide

Good morning, dears!
Yesterday we (your trusty Girl and Boy, ambitious QooQoo designer Alyona with friends Elena and Matt) went to Valmiera's Art Gallery Laipa to give a small presentation on fashion design, branding and fashion blogs. Alyona talked about QooQoo, her inspirations and pros and cons being designer in Latvia, as well as she showed us a lil sneak peek in her newest creations (QooQoo family is spreading it's zoo).
Alyona Bauska talks aboutr QooQoo brand


QooQoo trip to Valmiera

Sveiki, y'all!
We - Alyona Bauska, our friends Lena and Matt and of course your trusty ^_^ Girl and Boy are now on our way to Valmiera!
Why? Why are we going there?! Why - hmmm we are giving a lecture at Galerija Laipa on
fashion blogging and design/branding. Here is a sneak pic from our journey to Valmiera. Girl and I already did a tiny presentation ^_^ but Alyona is still doing it. It's cArazy.

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Ivo Nikkolo meets Riga

Tervist, y'all!
Have you noticed some new stores in Riga lately? Yes, I know that many are bankrupted now, but luckily there are some brave entrepreneurs who are willing to take a risk and make our scant shopping range better. This time that brave man are from Estonia. Yeah, right! From that small country on which's people we make fun of. Ivo Nikkolo is one of the first Estonian designers, who has actually created a brand and a store chain, which is far beyond it's origin country - Russian, Latvia, Finland and Lithuania. Now Ivo Nikkolo is owned by Baltika Group, an Estonian fashion holding which has such brands as Monton, Mosaic and Baltman.
Ivo Nikkolo AW 2010


Rīgas Modes fashion magazines, with love from Sovjet Latvia

Ola, again!
As you might know Stuff'nStyle is helping our Brazilian follower Diana M with a research for her final thesis! I inherited these magazines from my evil grandma, who actually is still alive and she used to be a great Riga fashionista. Here are only few magazines - Fall`87, Fall/Spring/Summer`83. I find them very amusing and I totally love those models. Have you noticed how dramatic beauty standards have changes for past 20 years?

P.S. We'll are dealing with that fun quiz, so the winner will be announced pretty soon!  


Olá, y'all!
As promised here is the latest Markus Riva music-video "Love To You" starring Anna Rozīte and directed by Denis Moshkanov. ENJOY!


Remeber Now. Short movie by Karl Lagerfeld [updated: full video]

I just love Karl Lagerfeld and everything he does. Now it's time for short movie "Remember Now" (Chanel Resort 2011). Oh Saint-Tropez, oh summer, oh Chanel, oh glamour... BEAUTIFUL!

Enjoy :)



Hey guys,
We’re just back from Markus Riva’s single ”Love to You” video presentation which took place at mini restaurant Domini Canes. The place itself was really nice and cozy and I think perfect for such an event.

Public had different reaction on the presented video

Fun quiz and Markus Riva

Salut, y'all!
Today Girl and Boy are going to Markus Riva latest music-video presentation! Report tonight!

But to amuse you, we have created a tiny quiz. The winner will get a bottle of sparkling wine!!!

Quiz closes tonight!


QooQoo champagne breakfast

Hej, y`all!
As promised some pictures from that fun and blurry (for me) QooQoo new leggings  and famous QooQoo Bird (now latex version) and QooQoo Bear presentation. BTW that QooQoo toys are made by lovely and super friendly ginger head designer Santa Liepa  http://www.dollart.lv/ . Oh that event was crAzy. Here are pictures, which speak for them self. I was hoping, that this week won't be filled with any events/parties/commotions/presentation, but NO, someone want me to become crazy alcohol and Red Bull addict! We have some news to share with you, but this is for later.
-BOY (sober and sane)
Alyona Bausa and her new creations


Just a small post UPDATED

Alright,  it is official now  - I am an Internet addict. Instead of simply enjoying myself in a garden  and playing with dogs I`m now writing this post . Imagine me in a hammock with my laptop. and yes I'm using my neighbour's wifi connection (whoops)  I had kind of crazy weekend  starting on Friday eving at a birthday party, following with QooQoo champagne breakfast  (?) and ending somewhere near harbor.  No panic – I'm safe and alive. Check us this evening for a QooQoo champagne and latex QooQoo Bird post.
But for now small press monitoring.
According to ЖЗЛ magazine Boy is a fashionable informer


Fašon is Pašon (Fashion is Passion)

Tervist, y’all!
Can you imagine that it is the second Thursday in a row when some kind of a fashion event is happening (!) and wow, what a coincidence, I a shopping mall!!! At first I was thinking that is a quick response to Sky&More fašon even with fierce DJ Ella, but no, silly Boy totally forgot about Fashion Is Passion contest, about which I actually have a post -> here! And same people are involved into organization. So no shopping mall mega collisions yet, just alliances.
I don’t know how, but all that Fashion Is Passion contest New Cut semi finals, photo shootings and voting stayed unnoticed by me. Shall I blame myself for being lazy, or is it has something to do with certain PR agencies? (Dears, you have my e-mail). So I assume, that some of our followers were not aware of the contest, (as Boy has no fraking WiFi router at his parents place, now he takes his laptop walks up stair have a little fight with his sister over an Internet cable, Boy wins and has an access to the web), here’s an extract: “Basic idea: changing and combining of damaged and unsold goods from well-known brands, creating a casual, innovative and environmentally friendly and, of course, fashionable collection. Participants: young fashion designers and stylists from Latvia.Prize: 1000 EUR award.” 
I don’t know how, but 6 finalist were selected to create a collection using unsold crap from different shops of Domina.
Anyway I arrived to Domina just in time, as I entered the main hall Alisa Orlova waved to me, and I sat next to her. She gave me a copy of magazine ZZL from the future (it will be available in stores from tomorrow), then Agnese Kleina joined our fashion duo. 

And we watched 6 catwalks…


Hiip Hip Hurray to Agnese Narņicka

We are sooooo happy to announce that Agnese Narņicka has won "Baltic Fashion Award 2010" and her men's collection has got Grand Prix - 7500Eur. The event took place in Usedom (Germany) and collections were divided in 3 categories -   Pret-a-Porter (Men), Pret-a-Porter (Men), and Innovative design collections. Duo from Germany Astrid Grosser & Gerti Heinrich got the prize in category Pret-a-Porter (Women) and Sandra Straukaite (Lithuania) in Innovative Design.