Diesel is one of my all time favorite brands and I absolutely love their funny ad campaigns. So right now they have announced one that's called BE STUPID! :) As I'm not taking everything too seriously, I don't think that the campaign is abusive in any way... and I don't think it's stupid (however I think they want us to think that at some point their campaign is stupid).

BUT BUT BUT don't you agree that:

"being stupid means listening to your heart versus listening to your head. Listening to your heart is hard. Your heart says "YES" and your head says "NO". Your head almost always says "NO".

Only by ignoring the chorus of don't's, can't's and won't's can you come up with something wholly and completely unique..."

"Happy accidents. Unintentional cosequences. Pencillin." :)

That'ts how Diesel explains being stupid (not dumb)... Actually, they have made one pretty interesting catalog with some inspirational thoughts and funny pictures explaining why be stupid, check out here (MUST READ)

BTW Diesel is now running stupidest video contest :))) more info here


Люблю! loves me #4

Good evening, y'all!

Here is another picture of me in Люблю!. It was from that Paul Mitchell even. 
P.S. I`m still working on trend report...



pics via fashionpulsedaily.com
It seems like Lady Gaga has impact on everyday life, if Lady Gaga Barbie dolls is not that surprising, check tis out - Lady Gaga cookies!

Now you can not only be Gaga, or dress like Gaga, but also eat her literally. This is Daniel Saynt's creation, editor-in-chief of fashionindie.com. Pictures via fashionindie.com
What's you favourite Gaga cookie? 



Oops they did it again...to Spears

Everyone remembers Candie's ad campaign with Britney Spears, right! It was like back to the 90`s but with more boobs involved and extreme amount of hot pink . For those, who don't remember, here are pictures and video.

Now breaking news: "Candie's announces Britney Spears will continue as the face of Candie's for 2010!" And here is a "sneak peek" of the campaign 2010

As Ms. Spears sings: "I mean please..." What's wrong with that FACE of Candie's 2010. On the ad campaign 2009 Britney's face was more happy and all smiling (head was also more groomed). Apparently she's no longer happy to be this company's face. This time it is certainly a big OOPS.  But what can you do, it's still recession and every little helps :)

By the way, remember that music video for song Radar?! So originally that track was in album Black Out. However producers were emphasizing that it belongs to album Circus. After rewatching that really strange video with weired clothing, I suddenly understood - Britney is covered in Candie's stuff!!! Ok, ok, Brit is not known for a good taste, but c`mon Ms Lifestyle of rich and famous deserves better. Apparently Candie's has asked producer to make an additional video where they can place their products with the message for teenager girls, that if Brit hasn't worn  Candie's she would have stayed with that older guy, and never escaped with that hottie on a horse ^_^.    


Reanimated Vintage

Lately Fashion is Passion in cooperation with Domina Shopping Mall has announced a new, how do you call it...ah, right, contest “FIP new cut: recycling fashion”.
The organizers claims: "A ‘green’ idea on recycling clothing, positive life perception phenomenon and its entrance into casual fashion lies in the base of the contest – a ‘green lifestyle’ has become one of the freshest and contemporary tendencies in world’s fashion metropolitan life, and this is an amazing chance for Latvia to join it as well."

Well what can I say, in countries, which has actual designing and manufacturing industries this topic might be on agenda. Under conditions, when there's overproduction of goods and polluted environment, that "green" idea is worthy. But what in our country, Latvia? We have barely few designers who has "mass" scale production or pret-a-porter , the rest are more tailors... 
"The “FIP new cut” invites all supporters of green ideas, fashion artists and stylists to create and submit one sketch (...) showing how casual clothing is transformed into interesting and attractive piece of art. Besides, the only limit for the fantasy is the fact, that clothing must be casual!", declares organizers. 
So casual clothing has to be transformed into piece of art, which at the same time still has to be casual. Do they mean wearable?! I just can`t stop laughing. Girl is a witness. So the only thing i imagine is that they take "vintage" piece of clothing, make few holes in it, decorate with laces and brooches and jabot and voilà we have a creatively-artistic-casual piece of reanimated vintage! And how on earth you can submit one sketch, which actually shows how old crap is transformed?!
Before getting all socially responsible and environment friendly, I think Latvia has to establish a real fashion industry first. There are brilliant designers like Agnese Narnņica, Indra Selceviča, Katja Shehurina, Anna Led and many more. So I suggest instead of supporting some students from Latvian Accademy of Arts, help some real designers. For example by buying their clothes.
Of course in some ways it's good, that someone is doing something for local fashion industry. But so far only sponsors are benefiting... I just can`t wait for the finalists ' creations ... I keep you updated.
Here is semi-finalists:  Ineta Urtāne, Ignats Vaitis, Līva Ķauķe-Saule, Liene Dejus, Iveta Vilne, Līga Banga and Zane Poriete, who were selected out of 32 participants.  What the heck, Līga Banga is doing there, she has already proven, that she is a designer. It's just about the time, to work on proper full collections...


Sneak peek

Good evening everyone!
Here is a sneak peek of our tomorrow's post and a lovely view from my window.

Please come back tomorrow for info on Milan`s Fashion Week Men FW10/11 exciting.
For those who are just about to shop - double breasted jackets will be trendy not only this spring/summer but also next fall/winter.


Gaga on Oprah

Yup, she's everywhere... :) I just want to share the latest interview of her on Oprah's show. Bellow you can read some interesting thoughts and watch the video where she explains some of her outfits but full text you can find here

Lady Gaga says the inspiration for her outfits comes naturally. "I put a lot of time and effort into everything I do, to the point that I do nothing else," she says. "I work creatively all day."

"So what's the message Lady Gaga wants to send to her fan base? "I want them to free themselves, and I want them to be proud of who they are," she says. "I want them to celebrate all the things they don't like about themselves the way that I did, and to be truly happy from the inside.""

Have a wonderful weekend :)


Mass market brands and a great opportunity

I have two all-time-favourite mass consumer brands H&M and American Apparel. Why? It's simple - it's value for money. H&M is always on the edge of fashion, they have great creative team, and collaboration collections with recognized designers. aaaaaaaaaaaand size S at H&M perfectly fits me. When I like particular T-Shirt or Shirt, I don`t even take them to a fitting room - I'm 100% sure that it will be perfect on me. But American Apparel just speaks to me, despite the quality...
Speaking of tees and collaboration - H&M has announced another collaboration. This time with 18 y.o  Swedish designer André Lorenz Stock, who has started his business in his kitchen using white tees from H&M, iron and Paint over a year ago! More at http://bbook.se/. Now young Swede will do a collection for H&M and everyone can participate in designing!!! All you have to do, is to get familiar with his production and send a picture to facebook@hm.com before the 28th of January. Then André will pick his favourite pictures and use them! I`m so excited and I'm going to take part in that whole commotion! 

There is another reason to be excited - American Apparel has published a Lookbook for 2010. Yes, yes I know that collections don't varies much from year to year, but still they always have some fresh and new pieces.   

Let's shop - Spring is just around the corner!!! 
Pictures via bbook.se and facebook.com


LIVE from Milano

As you already know Men's fashion week in Milan will start on this Saturday, January 16th. Of course, we all would love to sit in the front rows there and thanks to technologies we actually have such an opportunity :) More and more designers announce live streaming...

So, here are some nice opportunities to enjoy:

Dolce & Gabbana
January 16th 2PM CET

Sneak peeks:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Emporio Armani
January 16th at 4.30PM CET
http://live.emporioarmani.com/ and

Burberry Prorsum

January 16th at 6PM CET

and here’s personal invitation from Mr. Christopher Bailey :)

January 19th at 2PM CET

Exciting, right :)

Frazzo, Fatties and Lego

According to gossip and "news" portal vipi.lv, which reflects life of the rich and famous and otherwise known as National Gossip Portal has published a news, saying that Latvian Designer Alexander Pavlov has a sale of his last AW09-10 collection. In that article was given an address: Kr. Barona 44, Rīga. We, Girl and Boy were trying to find that store or place. Lovely shop assistant from Charles&Keith tried to direct us, but unfortunately, we were lost somewhere in the middle of backyard and a hostel(!). Maybe it was a gossip, that Frazzo has sales - the National Gossip Portal after all!
On the way back we have noticed a new clothes store for, hahaha, Cozy or Comfy Youth (apģērbs omulīgiem jauniešiem) read fat and chubby. Ok, ok demand creates offer, but so far I thought that cozy (read fat) or plus size kids is an exception for Latvia. Looks like I am wrong. After googling that store, i found out that the clothes sold there is meant not only for cozy, but stylish and trendy youth. Owner of the shop, Anda Bebre claims, that there is only few brands in Europe who makes clothes for fatties, but in U.S. offer is much more bigger (obviously). She still managed to find some Danish brand for cozy kids. On the one hand it is good that now we have something for cozy boys and girls, from the other hand - it is very sad, that there is such store.

And finally, as everything above has no connection to fashion and style here is something cool - my present from BFF, who is emerging designer in Moscow.

She has seen that lego bowties somewhere in the Internet and decided to make one for me. Mary, thank you very much again!


spring/summer 2010 trends

I can't wait for spring... I'm tired of worrying if my outfit is warm enough. At some point it obviously wasn't- cause right now I'm sick :( 

Ok it took some 4 hours to search all the ss collections and summarize my favorite trends but when it's done, I'm quite inspired and wanna go shopping :)

1. Ruffles - are you tired of leather studded rocker chics? It's time for change, something more floaty, light and romantic will be must have in the spring.

2. Denim - forget your jeans! When was the last time you wore denim dress? Looks cool :)

 3. Lingerie - this is mega trend. Lingerie inspired and transparent looks are all over the runways. Just one tiny thing - try to feel the line. I guess it would be really shameful if somebody come over to tell you to put some clothes on :) 


4. Cut-outs - scissors & go for it :)

5. Nude & Pastel

6. White & Grey

all photos via style.com



Nowadays it's all about Lady Gaga, and not only in show biz, but actually in real biz with serious men, ties and briefcases. So here is the latest news from Yahoo! Tech: "Polaroid and Lady Gaga make the strangest couple ever"

picture via Yahoo.com
Polaroid says the first Gagaroid merchandise will be hitting stores in late 2010"  - oh I just cant wait for that. But seriously . There's no doubt that Lady Gaga will take a great care of design part, however Polaroid should focus on improving it's products' technical performance. Let's just hope that cameras will be truly Gagaroids, not hemorrhoids.

V love U just the way U R

On January 14 the newest issue of V magazine will hit the newsstands and it will be devoted to plus-size models. V magazine has already released some preview of so-called size issue what makes people talking a lot.

“Big, little, pint-size, plus-size – every body is beautiful. And this issue is out to prove it,” editor-in-chief of V magazine Stephen Gan said. After all, plus-size models are really just normal-size people deemed “plus” by fashion’s extreme standards.

Of course, we all know that fashion industry has its standards and there are lots of critics devoted to too skinny, too anorexic models and to designers who promote such kind of looks. Blahblahblah… You already know that, right? I think model is a profession like any other and to qualify for it - you have to have some standards. As if you’re musician, pilot, bus driver, designer, IT or PR professional etc. The same applies to models – you have to be tall, NATURALLY & HEALTHY thin and btw talented too. Yeaaaaah, I miss 90’s and supermodels – Claudia, Naomi, Cindy etc.

 I’m super excited to see if Lara Stone will really start a trend of heavier models – size 4 or 6 US on the runways. Lara right now is known as it-girl because of her curves, well she’s size 6 US (8 UK, 36 EU) - not really super curvy but comparing to size 0 she definitely got something to show :) I guess that's why designers and photographers are so in love with her that she seems to appear nude in editorials more often than she appears clothed.

Ok let’s get back to V magazine. My favorite spread is the one which shows that size zero girls aren’t the only models who look good in designer clothes. In the "One Size Fits All" shot by Terry Richardson, plus size model Crystal Renn and topmodel/standard size model Jacquelyn Jablonski pose side by side in the same looks and similar poses. The main idea here is that fashion can flatter any size.I like the idea.

The next spread is not that successful anymore, it features only plus-size models wearing almost nothing. Am I the only one who thinks that something is missing there?I mean - some clothing parts :)

And then comes photoshoot by Karl Lagerfeld “Coco a GO GO” features burlesque dancer Miss Dirty Martini. It’s a bit shocking step from Mr. Lagerfeld when shooting not-model-look-a-like woman when he  recently had said that “no one wants to see a curvy woman (in magazines)”.

Whatsoever, these pictures reminded me another quote by Karl Lagerfeld, I'm not sure if it’s actually true but it is funny (…and a bit rude):

Interviewer: What would you do if she (Coco Chanel) walked in now and said: "What the f*ck are you doing with my fashion house?"
Karl Lagerfeld: I would say, "Darling, this is no longer your business. F*ck you!

all pictures via models.com