Turn your iPhone into a rock!

In welcoming the Spring/Summer 2010 season, JOYCE presents the much anticipated “Truly Gifted III” program starting from February 25th to March 14th. Designers from Rick Owens, Dries Van Noten, Marni, Etro, Bless and Anna Sui specially designed limited iPhone cases for Hong Kong’s JOYCE.
 How awesome are they? Where's my iPhone? :)))

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It's a battle, NOT a war...

Military chic & khaki color rule the world of fashion. Never thought I could like the trend but lately I kinda understand and feel it. We're not dancers anymore, we're fighters now... :))) haha
There never was a good war or a bad peace (Benjamin Franklin)

all photos via style.com

p.s. don't forget to watch Gucci show Live from Milan Fashion Week - today 6.45pm (GMT+2) http://gucci.iwebcasting.it/liveshow/


Alessandro Dell'Acqua

Oh, Mr Dell`Acqua is back under a new brand No. 21 after  losing the rights to his own name.
Absolutely love it. More tomorrow...
all pictures via www.style.com


Fashion Gossips and Facts

While others were invited to a strange event, wich has literaly no title "Untitled" ("Bez nosaukuma"), organized by Latvian Fashion Fund (Latvijas Modes Fonds) and is meant to define and award the best designer of the year, the best début, the best whatsoever and etc, we were kindly invited to the Latvian Fashion and Style Award 2009, which will take place on 1st of March 2010. I`m looking forward to that event, which bacame a traditional day in Latvian Fashion calendar a long time ago.
 It is obvious, that Latvian Fashion Fund has some major plans. They have established an alternative to Latvian Fashion and Style Awards, and who knows, maybe there will be alternative Riga Fashion Week soon?! Due to lack of information and facts, I may only guess  what are the reasons for such behaviour. I find it really strange, that we have so many alternative fashion events, especially in such small country with tiny fashion industry. However it might evoke more stronger competitions which will result in increasing of quality. I`m aware of "Untitled" laureates and let's just wait for Latvian Fashion and Style Award results and make our conclusions.
And here are some pictures from Latvian Fashion and Style Award 2008 kindly  provided by Baltic Fashion Federation  
Žanete Skarule , ex MTV Latvia VJ

Aisha  and Intars Busulis

Indra Salceviča and Jeļena Strahova

I also think the situation is a bit weird but when it comes to fashion events - on one hand - sometimes "more is more" and it's good but on the other hand - do we really need similar events? As we consider ourselves soooooooooooooooo creative why don't we organize something NEW not the alternatives to other already existing events? As the industry is so tiny, there are always the same people around (who btw are mostly bored of everything and everybody haha :)))). well, will see... :D



Special one...

Better late than never...  
Happy International Men's Day to Boy & all our Male Followers :)

It so great to have you all around me :))) LOVE!!!

p.s. I just made Tiramisu, feel free to come over :)))

Back from East

While Atis Artemjevs resides in NY and continues his international career, our favorite designer Katya Shehurina is back from Tokyo. Ms Shehurina together with 4 other Latvian designers participated in a trade fair. Katya made a "field" research and has obtained some business contacts with potential clients. Designer is very satisfied with her trip: "We had a unique opportunity to talk to people from Japanese fashion industry, who knows the real situation on a local market. We have made a lot of contacts and already received few orders! The first steps has been made and development direction is clear" says Katya Shehurina.
Local public had a great interest in Katya's collection: "The collection arose interest, especially elements of hand craft" explains Katya. The designer noted, that she also had a chance to talk to other Latvian desingers, Agnese Narņicka, Alexandr Pavlov (Frazzo), Mareunrol's and Irēna Gaša, which is impossible in Riga, as everyone is very busy.
Well, what can I say, Stuff`n`Style wishes a great success to Katya and others  in Japan.
P.S. Thanks to Marc Litvyakoff for provided pictures


Atis Artemjevs gone West

We are so proud of Atis Artemjevs. Why? Because he is the FIRST Latvian designer, who has participated in New York Fashion Week. The show took place on 14th Feb 2010. Boy and Girl are waiting for exclusive interview from Atis to be received.

Meanwhile we have a chance to enjoy his collection even earlier than style.com's followers. Stay tuned for more information. The collection is so New York with Parisian twist and investment pieces .




Omg omg omg ooooooo-mmm-geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
I`m sooo excited. I even can not type and my hear rate is just 300 bpm ^_^Lady Gaga just released the official peek from her newest music video "Telephone". I love this song, during my stay in Berlin, this song was in my iPod all the time - starting from entering the lift and ending by hitting some club.
And here is a parody on that unreleased music video (I love Beyonce moment):


Elle Collections 2010

I finally got my hands on Elle Collections Spring/Summer 2010 magazine that I’ve been waiting for some 2 months. Basically Elle Collections mag has everything that one fashion magazine lover could ever wish for… It’s like a (touristic) guide to the new season. BTW it’s even better than the previous one which I thought was perfect. This time magazine has really nice matt cover & they've used a different paper types and sizes inside. Looks really nice…
And the content is great too, not only trend reports, top designers and collections but also articles & insider opinions about actualities in the industry – fashion & social media & bloggers; tweeting; size issues etc. I guess I’m surprised and also very happy that there actually is lot of text to read, not only pretty pictures (that you normally expect from fashion magazine).

Here’s some sneak peak :)
Fun stuff:
 Our model Ginta Lapiņa is named as one of the new faces to watch! Go Ginta!!! :)
 Designer prints of the season:
Miu Miu
Trends & collections:
 ... and lot more... :)