Green Night Tomorrow! Get your invitation!

Hello, our dear followers!
Remember our Twitpic that we`ve got invited to a mega party Green Night THE OPENING? No? Check!
Hope now you remember, because Stuff`n`Style has one special invitation to that event for our followers. The invitation is valid for two person. 

Morning press

Good morning dears!
I feel like a star - this morning i woke up early (since I gave up smoking (yay! from last Friday) I wake up early easy. Thanx to Allen Carr), did my face and hair, put on my leggings and went to job in my sunnies. On the way I poped in to a local press shop, bought a cup of coffee and some magazines. And guess what?! Girl and I are there. This is sooooo flattering, but scary at the same time - it puts some responsibility on you. Believe me, we have a lot of pictures and thought to post, but my laptop is fraked up, but a desktop PC is always engaged by my friends, who`s laptop also gone mad. I promise, today I`m going to take my poor-not-so-little Compaq to service.


THE collection - QooQoo

Birdies, lil' monsters, ice-creamish aliens and other pets :)

Backstage photos from QooQoo Stuff'n'Style party

I think photos talk themselves. Enjoy :) Girl is totally in love with QooQoo collection, yammy colors :)


Dear followers,
looks like Latvian fashion industry is developing very fast. Gild and Boy are going to attend alternative fashion and arts week [Moment]'s press conference just in one hour!
Gonna give you update already today later on, along with pictures from QooQoo catwalk and some other stuff!
[Moment] week is going to take place from 7th till 10th April. An by the way you can buy a ticket there. Wanna be VIP, pay 10 LVL
P.S. Is there any gossip in this post?

QooQoo and Stuff'n'Style. Some impressions

Good morning, y`all!
You must be hungry for our own report on our our party. Well according to the title it was all QooQoo, and as posted lately Girl, Boy and Alyona Bauska were totally involved into organizing, that we saw non of the show last Friday. 
 Model: Karlīna Caune. Foto: Мaris Morkans, ЖЗЛ; 


World's top designers as cartoon characters :)

Hi guys! I think lately everybody is taking fashion way too seriously. So much drama all around the city… While we're still selecting pics from RFW - I wanted to share 2 hilarious editorials that perfectly sum up my opinion that fashion first of all is FUN.

Elle Spain April 2010 had published funny drawings by Ulrich Schröder where the world’s top designers have been interpreted as Disney characters. How funny are those pics? I can’t stop laughing ;)


RFW Last 3rd Day Diana

We are just fraking shocked - we DO remember Diana Nevedomskyte's previous collection - curtains and carpets. This time it was a marvel and beauty  (pictures below). More words and pictures later on! Girl and Boy are waiting for gala show by Cyrille Gassiline (Russia).

RFW Last 3rd Day Narciss

Narciss show was some kind of an answer, what that brand actually is! Prior we knew about this brand just a little, thanks to Marija Rudakova, we knew more but actually we didn`t have much time to publish any info, coz we were crazy all over the place trying to make our party happen.
Just few words on Narciss collection – very mature. From the toes till the top. This was was Siberian and Latvian mix, and that`s why it ain`t surprise that Narciss is more know in Moscow, which has it`s post USSR weakness for Latvia (During USSR Latvia was really WEST and everything from our country was hyper fashionable and must have).  This collection had everything – starting from cozy coats and jackets, ending with knitted skirts and maxi  dresses.
Both in Latvian and Russia wearing fur is still not considered as unacceptable social behavior. So, as we don`t have any green-eco-organic-peta freaks (hello princess!) we can have a lot of pieces from Narciss without any bad consciousness .
More pictures will follow 

RFW 2nd Day part two

We are now sitting on a front row together with Inita Saulīte-Zandere and watching Narciss show...Well doing few things at the same time is hard but we are managing/. As promised we are giving you the second part of the second day at RFW....
Well back to the subject. Yesterday was really crazy - models, shoes, make-up, hair, banners, decorating, testing, DVD burning and other things which comes along organizing a real fashion show and parties. Boy was running around the city like crazy, while Girl was doing some things on her laptop. And everything turned out superbly
Pity we didn't see any of the second day`s show, but we`v managed to catch few KatyaKatya Shehurina`s looks, which were amazing.
Ok no Girl and Boy are sitting in the Kissing Room powered by Maybelline NY and drinking Freixenet, waiting for the designer of Narciss to show up. Actually Kissing room is a pretty cool feature for all the media people.
Ok again let’s get back to yesterday’s event. Were you there? We hope at least some of you had fun there, we definitely did. Girl letš just upload the pictures and dash to the next show. We will give you a bigger report on QooQoo Stuff`n`Style party.

 More pictures will follow

RFW 2nd Day part one

Hi y'all fashion people. I woke up just 50 minutes ago, and I`m already here to update y`all. Well, honestly I left my camera at my friends place. So I`m going to get it in next few hours. So wait for part two!
But before that you can watch these two videos which explains a lot.


RFW 1st Day

Fashion week makes us do crazy things. It’s the middle of the night, I’m half sitting, half lying in my bed, holding a cup of tea in one hand and pack of M&Ms in other, trying not to eat the blue ones (I just don’t like blue M&Ms because they are… well blue)… Whatsoever as you can see (or imagine) I’m mega busy trying to find a free hand to type at least something here without a global catastrophe what means tea - all over my laptop and blue M&Ms in my mouth (however I’m pretty sure that even the blue one will be gone, when this post is finished).
Ok let’s get back to the shows. First was the collection by Anita Altmane (Latvia). Karlīne Caune, Ford Supermodel contest’s winner, opened the show wearing the same piece you can see on RFW invitations. It was all about the sculptured shoulders and hips & mix match of colors & heavy looking shoes (or leg accessories?). I think the collection had that Latvian fashion vibe, that feeling, when you see the collection and can tell for sure that it’s been made by Latvian designer…  A bit predictable but kind of sweet ;) and the last look – brownish/greyish gown was like a cherry on the maizes zupa (everybody likes that, right?) like it ;)



Hi y`all, who has won invitations to RFW. We suggest the following, which  is easier for everyone:
Check the RFW schedule to finf out when is the show you are attending. Then come 15 minutes in advance and call us, so we can find you and give your invitation. One invitation is meant for two person, so bring your friend.
All shows are held in Reval Hotel Latvija, Elizabetes/Brivibas corner.
Our BlackBerrys: Gilr +371 2 750 6848
                              Boy +371 2750 7454
information for EXTRA CONTEST will be published soon! 


It’s here, Riga Fashion Week is here, yeeeeah. So yesterday we went to the opening party at Amber Night club. Well, I hope it was just a warming up for upcoming shows, presentations and events because the party itself was a bit messy and I believe that lot of people will say that they didn’t see anything from the performance by Triānas parks and shows by Agnese Narņicka and Artis Štamgūts. Actually, I didn’t see anything either but I don’t really mind cause I think that the opening party is all about the catching up with the people you haven’t seen for ages (ok, since previous RFW).
Waiting for a party to begin
I know, I know you definitely wanna hear something about Salt, Agnese Narņicka and Artis Štamgūts but all I can say that the opening party for sure is not the place and time when show the collection. Normally people just don’t pay that much attention to it. I believe all 3 designers also didn’t have at least 25 looks which are needed for standard RFW show, but as Paviljons are very IN right now and people want to see our young artists that it was decided to show collections at party.
This will sound funny because I really didn’t see the whole looks, BUT I think I liked collection by Artis Štamgūts. Models had impressive, crystallized headpieces, white t shirts and (I think) light jackets. Not sure thou. At least I like what I remember J sorry for my incompetence…
Ok let’s get back to the party, as always we met a lot of interesting people – and here follows Boy’s post cause he got all the pics:D
 Jelena Strahova and Maija Silova giving a speech


Congrats to our winners EXTRA CONTEST

Ok, we`ve got 10 entries and guess what? EVERYONE GETS AN INVITATION FOR TWO PERSON and QooQoo Stuff'n'Style party:
Vika get - Anita Altmane;
Paula Ligere - Sultan
Annija - Žanete Audziņa
Iveta - Sulta
Sabīne - Diana Nevedomskyte
Emils - Narcis
Gustav Brynedal - Fashion Family Party KOSSMOSS
Yvette - Cyrille Gassilin
Jamochnki -Viktoria Gres

CONGRATS to everyone! Please send us an email for further information how you gonna get your invitations
We`v got some only 3 extra invitation. Tell us why you follow our blog and which designer show and why you wanna attend. In any way top be eligible for that, you have to subscribe to out twitter or blog.

RFW START. Get you invitations FINAL CALL

Good evening our dear followers!
Girls and Boy are back from Stockholm in two pieces and we are extremely excited about Riga Fashion Week which will start just in few hours. To be updates please follow out twitter and tvitpic! Thanks to our BlackBerrys we`ll be able to give you latest info, micro reports and (hopefully videos).  AND NOW FINAL CALL
Lucky followers will be selected randomly at 21:00 (GMT+2). Good luck


RFW schedule

Hey dearzzz :)

I'm sooo excited... Finally it's here... The week we've been waiting since forever (well, since previous Riga Fashion Week for sure).

This time RFW schedule includes a lot of our own Latvian designers (17?). So cool and I can't wait to see their latest a/w 2010/11 collections... and we will definetly share info from all the RFW hot spots (via twitter, via blog)...

So here's the offcial schedule via rfw.lv 
March 24

21.00 – RFW Opening in association with Perwoll, club Amber Night, Elizabetes St. 55
             SALT (Indra Salceviča, Latvia),
             HYPNOSIS (Agnese Narņicka, Latvia),
             Artis Štamgūts (Latvia),
             video & music performance by Trianas parks, Gunta Ēķe & Amber

March 25

16.30 – Sheila ( Latvia)& Latvian fashion store "B.O.D.E."presentation,
             “B.O.D.E.”, Blaumaņa 14
18.00 – RFW press conference, Reval Hotel Latvija,“Sky Point”, 27.floor
19.00 – Anita Altmane (Latvia), RFW Hall
19.30 – Maybelline presentation, RFW Kissing Room
20.00 – Honour Guest – Victoria Gres (Ukrain), RFW Hall
21.00 – Inga Nipāne (Latvia), FW Hall
22.00 – Fashion Family Party (Kossmoss, Vineta Minkevicha, Koshakova and Babett,
             all from Latvia), club Amber Night, Elizabetes St. 55
March 26

16.30 – presentation of Latvian fashion designers (Baiba Ripa, Anna Led, Natālija Jansone),
             Madam Bonbon, Alberta 1-7A
18.00 – Žanete Auziņa (Latvia), RFW Hall
19.00 – Reet Aus (Estonia), RFW Hall
20.00 – Honour Guest – SULTAN (France), RFW Hall
21.00 – Katyakatya Shehurina (Latvia), RFW Hall
22.00 – QooQoo Stuff'n'Style Party, club Amber Night, Elizabetes St. 55 !!!!!!!!! :) yuuuhuuuuu

March 27

17.30 – 21.00– RFW Designers’ Showroomat Reval Hotel Latvija, lobby 2nd floor
18.00 – Narciss (Latvia), RFW Hall
19.00 – Kristina Viirpalu (Estonia), RFW Hall
20.00 – Diana Nevedomskyte (Lithuania), RFW Hall
21.00 – RFW GALA SHOW – Honour Guest Cyrille Gassilin (Russia), RFW Hall
22.00 – RFW Models and Fans Party, + Special Guest, club Amber Night, Elizabetes St. 55

p.s. me and Boy are going to Stockholm tomorrow, so hopefully we will be able to share something fashion-related also from there :)


Let's have some fun (get you RFW invitation)

Hello everyone!
As we tweeted earlier - we've got some Riga Fashion Week invitations we would like to share with you. All you have to do is - leave a comment below where you state what you're expecting from our (Stuff'n'Style) RFW reports.
The winner will be selected via random.org. There will be 5 winners and each will get 1 invitation (for 2 pers.) to 1 RFW fashion show and 1 bonus invitation to our QooQoo Stuff'n'Style party.
Sounds good, right! So, good luck :)
P.S. if you have technical difficulties with leaving comments, let us know your thoughts by email stuffystyle(at)gmail.com. We were told that MS Internet Explorer does not show our blog. While we are dealing with that glitch, please, use Google Chrome or FireFox.  

You can leave your comments until March 23rd.


Style is...a must

Hey y'all!
We have received plenty of contestants' pictures, which represent their style. Let me remind you, that the contest (here's info) deadline is on 20th March. Just two days left!!! QooQoo and Stuff'n'Style are über excited with what we'v got now, but we believe, that there are more pictures to come.
Naturally, Girl and Boy cannot participate in that contest, however we can share with you our vision on what style is...
A MUST. Everyone cares about own personality and image - there were tonnes  of social researches about what our clothes signalizes, how people perceives others evaluating all that stuff we wear. So if you are really a personality you have to have a style. I`m not even talking about VERY OWN style (which is actually perfect), it's all about showing your inner world with a help of an appearance. Elita Patmalniece, an artist, who has won a special award for style at Latvian Style and Fashion Awards 2009, said, that style is developing with a personality for entire life and eventually it has to reflect who you really are. I guess she's right, only now I understand, that I have certain likes and dislikes, my fiends are able to tell what I'm going to like (and most of the time they are right), some friends brings some clothes for me as present from different trips and it always appeals to me. Someone even can recognize me from a far. I feel that my style is forming now...
Style is something what reflects you, and if you haven`t got any - you are empty. I don't want to believe in dull people. Everyone's unique - so please make an effort and prove it at least through your style. That's why style is a must.         


Our last Saturday

Hey y`all,
as you might know, Girl and I had a crazy day last Saturday. May Saturday began really early - had to wake up at 8 am in order to be at university for a Culture Politics lecture, where I found out, that Latvian fashion has no support from Ministry of Culture, nor from government in general. Lecture was kinda boring, so I amused my self by  taking pictures of random stuff. 

After the lecture I dashed to Open Air Vintage Festival vol. 3 organized by Agnese Kleina and hosted by Dirty Dead Cafe were I met Girl, who was tweeting and twitpicing all the time via her BlackBerry and informing live y`all about what's going on there. This is second  Open Air Vintage Festival  which we visited so far. I like this event not only because of funny and perhaps useful stuff, which you can bey for small money, but also because of people - you can meet there all kind of fashionly artistic people and some kind of celebs too. For instance, we met buzzed up Inese Krūmiņa, founder of SockBox (socks boutique), Sindija Vilde emotional director of Chocolate Events (event management company), Ksenia Kamikaza, the DJ and Agnese Kleina herself.

Inese Krūmiņa, SockBox founder
Sindija Vilde
Ksenia Kamikaza, selling her stuff

Unfortunately I didn't get anything for my self, but we took some pictures and maybe you'll be interested is some items. After examining offered range of different kind of accessories, tees, skirts, pants etc, we got a bit tired and went for absolutely lovely brunch at META CAFE

a la Birkin Bag
Girl has this artist's contacts
wanted stuff
Ugly Betty's fan club 

It's officially approved by S'n'S - organic food (curd, cheese, pâté, greens, salami and hot appetizer), good price, 4 LVL only, and really unique ambiance for Riga. Actually, there are not many places in Riga, where you can have a brunch. I`v been to a quite a lot of place in Europe and I must say brunch at META CAFE is worth eating. Alyona Bauska, our mate and QooQoo designer joined us there and we went through all the details of our CONTEST.

our table
Girl tweeting via her BB Curve
a barman is staring at us
oh, our order is here!
Alyona Bauska is convinced 

After glamming in the evening I went to Amber Muse Spring Gathering. That was a party of the season. Happy faces, cool atmosphere and most important MUSIC, some tracks, made me feel like 17 again (Metro Area). Let us just hope, that Amber Muse is going to organize a Summer Gathering. By the way, I was twitpicing from there :D    
Ksenia is paying her set
Ladies gettin` started 
Babes smokin`
Erika and prof. Salaks smiling
oh it's gettin` hotter
very hot ^_^
Boy's new sugar mammy 
Max Lomov, just the way he is
Oh, no!!! Here she comes again...


QooQoo Stuff'n'Style contest

Hello dear followers,

here it is and it's official - fashion brand QooQoo together with your trusty ^_^ blog Stuff'n'Style are going to have an official after-party during RigaFashionWeek on 26th March. This party is going to be absolutely fabulous! And to make it even more exciting we'v set a contest. Yes, yes, a contest where you, followers, are able to express you self. All you have to do is:
- Send us a picture, which reflects your stile
- Continue sentence "Style is...". It should be describing your style, but please make it short.
email: style[at]qooqoo.lv 
QooQoo and we will pick the best 3 variants, which will be transformed into marvelous T-Shirt by QooQoo. Next 10 best will get invitations to our event.
Be creative and hurry up, time's running



Good morning world ^_^. I`m just testing all that embeding thingies. Post on Open Air Vintage Festival vol. 3 and Amber Muse spring gathering  later this evening!


Plan for tomorrow

Dear followers,
we, Girl and Boy are very excited about next few weeks. Unfortunately we can't give you any details, but it's gonna be super-duper-mega-extra fun for all of us just in two weeks. Yes, you are right it has something to do with Riga Fashion Week! Also we`ll have some changes in Stuff`n`Style visual appearance and some technical enhancements which enable us to delight your fashion info hunger more faster :D
Ok, here is Stuff`n`Style plans for tomorrow:
Our fashion blogger friend Agnese Kleina together with Dirty Deal Cafe and vintage boutique RetroSpecto  are organizing yet 3rd Open Air Vintage Festival where you can find any imaginable piece of wearable garment. 
13th March, start at 13:00 in Maskavas str. 12, building 2. Event's theme: Afternoon tea in the Wonderland.

After getting some vintage stuff, Boy and Girl are going to have some massive fun at Amber Muse spring gathering in K.I.D Bar. My beloved friends, who just happened to be Djs - Bogdan Taran, Ksenia Kamikaza, Max Lomov and ZaZzy gonna play some modern electronic and classical house, meanwhile DJs Dmi3 and Discomethod gonna funk us with disco. 
Info: Place - K.I.D Bar, Grēconieku str. 8, Old town, start -  at 22:00 and free entrance!!!

OMG Boy just can't wait for tomorrow. Hope to see all of you, who will be able to come! Please  , if you will notice Girl and me feel free to talk with us. We are very curious to learn more about our followers.  If you can`t make it - then wait for tomorrow's post.
Ok till tomorrow.
Love you all!!!