Dorian Grey, Madam Bon Bon and SockBox

Приветики, dears!
After squeezing on tiny caned prosecco Prosecco 2GO Girl went home, but I dashed to a bar called Dorian Grey, where another fashion event took place. This time it was a fashion show by SockBox and Madam BonBon. I liked the concept - almost top less  models and all-eyes-on-legs. Catwalk was outside! It was really beautiful. Here is more on that event here -> here.
No promised photos!

Girl's ImpreŠons Sky&More

Everything is so fake - was my one and only thought after attending Sky&More event. The show started just fine, I would say even impressive - Lord Gaga/Superstārīgs beibītis dancing around the stage, Matrix inspired mountain climber guys coming down from the ceilings and even giant shiny bird DJ Ella performing was acceptable. But when it came to fashion show then my only thought was "Are you kidding me? Is this serious?" I would say first 2 or 3 looks were acceptable and interesting - and made some fashion show impression (magnetic eyed Māra was awesome as always) but then the real "party" started... I think Boy will explain this much more accurately (as I'm almost asleep) but I was laughing and crying whole time about our so called celebrities-bombshells... C'mon! Half-naked catwalk doesn't do a good PR for you! BELIEVE ME. YOU DON'T NEED SUCH AN ATTENTION! Leave it to professional models.
DJ ELLA TRIBUTE she is fierce 


Stuff`n`Style wanted to bring you news first, but apparently stupid FaceBook is overloaded with all my intensive posting and picture uploading.
Ok, this will be tiny text post and in few hours I'm gonna do pictures. Last night Girl and Boy went to SKY&MoRE shopping mall fashion (?) show, which was more show than fashion. I must say is was really spectacular and they really did set a very HIGH standard for that kind of events. I can't wait to see a fashion war between shopping malls. This time all that glitter and shine was more important that substance. They did a great PR inviting all that stars (?) - so next week expect all gossip magazines stuffed with DJ ELLA`s and ELLI U new (?) fronts and cellulite of some other girls.
Then I went to Dorian Grey all bitchy and full of prejudice (which is very bad, I know). SURPRISINGLY is was one great cat walk and party, where I made friends with Anii (hopefully) again. But I`m still gonna be bitchy. And Inese Krūmiņa (owner of SockBox)is fun too. So please forgive me for being such a bitch. And I liked bar Dorian Gray - reasonable prices, nice and neat ambiance and friendly stuff . So I'm gonna hang around there. Itš gonna be my summer hot spot.
As I sad, pictures will come later
- Less bitchy BOY   


Glamorous vintage

heisāāāā hopsāāāā, dear readers :D

We have had lot of discussions about vintage, what it is and what's it not, what's second hand and what's antique etc. I think this video perfectly shows our attitude towards vintage and how to wear it. Vintage is cool as long as it looks modern, when you start to look like your 90 years old grandma or her even older sister, well, it's obviously not cool anymore and the line has been crossed. So consider your age when wearing vintage :)))

- your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Riga's fashion elite...
You know you love me... :)))

xoxo Stuff-n-Style (not Gossip)  GIRL


Weekend with Stuff and Style

Now we will rape not only English, but German too :D We are really international. In fact we are son international, that even our followers from far way are coming to Rīga to meet us, but about that a bit later.


Our Followers

Good bloody afternoon!
The weather is bloody crazy and I'm bllody sick (literaly - I cought a flue) and tired of this climacteric changing from faint to show, from snow to hail. I mean please - May is just around the croner, but according to foreca it's 5 C outside. 
This post we`ll devote to y'all, our followers. When I`m down, a though about you cheers me up. I was walking donw the street lately, and one guy came to me and asked if I am the Boy from S'n'S, ofcourse I replied that I am, and he said that he likes our blog and follows it all the time. Pity, I cannot recall his name (hey, if you are reading this, please comment bellow.) We are really happy that there is somebody, who actually reads our posts and there are few who, comment! This is really valuable. Besides, there are certain followers, who inspires us. So please, if you have some requests - comment bellow.
Ou followers loves shoes too


Vintage versus Second Hand

One of our followers lives in Riga already for a while, but unfortunately, she doesn't know where to get some cool and inexpensive stuff. She asked  us as experts of the field. Dear A, we are not exactly experts of vintage, however we are happy to help. This is why Stuff'n'Style went for a fashion walk around (we actually made a round ) the city today.
Have you ever thought about what's the difference between vintage and second hand stores?! If you think rationally, you would come to a conclusion, that there's no difference at all - old used and not very used stuff, from past decades or even centuries, not really pleasant smell and very affordable prices. But what's rational about shopping and happy consumption, right, nothing! So that's why we have to think emotionally, or just feel.


Magnetic Eyes and Power Walk

Hi y'all! Hope everyone is doing fine. I'm still without my precious laptop due to this volcano eruption drama (service is still waiting for some details to arrive). Looks like Iceland causing troubles not only to British and Dutch investors, but also to all people in Europe - directly and indirectly. Some of my friends were affected directly - like R or E, who can't get back to UK (but actually they are happy) or V - here's her FaceBook status: "Been driving in car all night from Monaco to ulm now in train to Berlin from then trough Warsaw to Riga! Had no sleep at all feel mega exhausted!". OMG, looks like volcano drama is over for me - just got sms from service, that my lap top is ready!!! Yay. 
 Ok, now back to fashion related stuff. Everyone, who has access to Latvian fashion and fašon media, might have noticed two beautiful models - Beate Stivrina and Māra Kampernova. They are literally in any article about RFW or [MOMENT] - it`s like you open a weekly newspaper or a magazine, and you go: "oh, hi Māra, hello Beate". And I guess there is a reason for it. No doubt, that Latvian girls are very beautiful and more and more people start to recognize it. Models like Ginta Lapiņa, Ieva Laguna and Marta Berzkalna are now faces of major brands and can bee seen on covers of Vogue, but Katarīna Karlīna Caune is our up-coming model.
 Ieva Laguna for Chanel


we are not dead

Hello, y'all!
I know it's been quite a while since our last post. Some of our followers were even concerned about our existence, but dears, no worries - we are alive and we`v got something to share with you.
I'll go chronologically as usual. So this Friday the City of Riga was blessed with another sushi  bar Tokyo City. Due to this mega occasion restaurant thrown an grand opening party on Friday's evening. Before that we were  glamming up a bit, unfortunately Girl couldn't come. We arrived after midnight when all free sushi were already eaten, but people were already drunk. Oh yeah, this party was hosted by Eva Adams, who`s Russian is surprisingly perfect. Whatever, actually it`s not even worth mentioning, just a small fact - prices were really friendly. After that sushi extravaganza boys and I went to another club...
 Friends of Boy, glamming up. (Why every bloody picture of me is alcohol related???)


[MOMENT] Final day

I guess every fashion (fašon) bloggers, who are defending fashion-as-art-not-applied-things already have summed/wrapped/byebeyed alternative fashion and art week [MOMENT]. There are some bloggers who weren't on the last day and never mentioned that, but there are also some, who are still commenting on that day and using press releases to describe presented collections... Strange - I though that there is a difference between fashion blog and magazine. What`s the point in retyping information which is available to everyone. And yes, please feel free to comment bellow, but not anonymously - it's pathetic. You might think that I`m rude, pretentious and upstart, whatever, juts say it!
OK back to the post. We had some disagreements with LFF and [MOMENT] people, but regardless, I just wanna thank them for a brilliant organization and timing - well done guys and keep it that way in the future. Just a tiny note - I guess I had an informational overload with all that press releases. Also I`d think about event positioning or explanation of what alternative means. HOWEVER the 4th day, which Girl and I managed to attend (yes, we have to confess that we missed Sergei Grinko's show fisrt 3 minutes) was absolutely pleasure to our eyes - collections were brilliant and mass production worthy. 
Let's do it chronologically. First show was by Sergei Grinko, a Russian accessory designer (he has a manufacture in Italy) and really nice guy, who wears leggings. That was his first pret-a-porter collection. I must say a very professional one. Sorry, but I cannot give more comments on the collection, coz I don`t have  any Master of Arts degree, but if accessories were gems, then clothes served as framing.


Habitus Baltija 2010 winners

As we actually were running really late and the whole commotion (Habitus Baltija) was really slow, we never got a chance to learn, who took what. Crazy Girl and Boy took a taxi "Lady Taxi", which costed us 4 LVL. 4 LVL from shopping mall Olympian to Andrej Osta. Hello?! Whatever...
During the first intermission I talked to Dace Vaivara, who was on Habitus` jury board and she said, that grand prix took Inga Tauriņa - 1000eur and participation in contest for new designers “Russkij Siluet” (which is very cool). Other winners - I don't know and can't find anywhere yet...
Pic via http://www.stara.fi/. Sorry we din`t take any pictures of that collection. Oops

Habitus Baltija - is a contest for young designers, which has became a traditional event in the Baltic States. and is aimed to support new talents and develop local fashion. Usually among contestants are either fashion related students or people that just have graduated. Presented collection has to have 5-10 looks, which emplanes, why this contest is beloved by students. I have to mention that this is initiative of Baltic`s schools/academies of Art . If you are interested in participating next year, here you can find some information. 
Right, well...it is very good that someone is actually caring fro young talents and gives them a great opportunity to present them self along with gaining a great practical experience. This was one great event for students. Ok, ok, I know that models were not good enough, make-up was also average-ish, not talking about organization (Project manager asked to provide a feedback regarding that event. Well next time please think of timing and scenario. And please no long speeches) I had a luck to participate in the similar kind of a contest. I don`t even remember how was I called, but it also had something to do with young designers/talents. The whole thing was held in Poland, in a city called Sieradz (really in the middle of nowhere). I was 18 and it was my first trip abroad on my own ever. Oh I`v forgot to mention, that It was an international contest. So as I got my precious ass there safely (luckily), I found out that I was the only international participant - organization was the shittiest shit and among 50 participant`s only one spoke English , and another one German...Well this is a completely another story and I have to look up my archives for photos (if you are interested in t - post a comment below, please).
Back to Habitus - it has 3 categories: industrial pret-a-porter; artistic pret-a-porter; and avant-garde fashion.
Industrial part was more or less ok, and please remember they are students. Artistic, hahah, pret-a-porter, was very artistic. However there were few collections which very actually very "industrial". Entries fro Russia were an etno disaster. I have a BBF, who`s just about to graduate fashion studies at Moscow State University. During her studies there, she has developed a term Design of Russia - it`s a mix of horrible colours and national costumes.There were few collections in such a style...
example of Design of Russia. This is less painful example.


[MOMENT] wait a moment. It`s Habitus Latvija

Haaaaa, Girl and I are so hyped now, that we even can`t wait till tomorrow and we feel , that we have to make a small post about international young designers contest Habitus Baltija, which celebrates its10th anniversary today! We won`t go deep into details, coz we simply don`t know who  has won - there were major delays and we run out before the result were announced.
Well here are some looks which we liked. Don`t even ask us who`s who, coz there were in total around 40 collections from different part of the world.


Hello y`all!
You can`t believe where we - Girl and Boy are now! Dace Vaivara invited us to attend young designer contest Habitus Baltija 2010. She, as well as Olga Kolotova are the members of the jury. However about that we gonna post tomorrow. God we just watched 23 artistic pret-a-porter collections... But as I said, more tomorrow.
 Olga Kolotova and Dace Vaivara are just about to make a decision
small teaser...



HAHAHAHAH Good morning, our dear followers!
Let`s go chronologically according to me. After finishing our working day, which actually was very stressful, I went online to Facebook and checked an absolutely fabulous application Patsy Stone says  and there was a quote: "What`s life without glamour?". Indeed! So Girl and I went downstairs to get a bottle of prosecco and black currant juice and make a marvellous drink Kir Royal (usually you mix champagne and creme de cassi, but whatever we are on a budget). SO! We were enjoying ourself and rackboarding awaiting our friends. When friends came we finished second bottle and left. 
After Kir Royal we are Super Girl and Super Boy
Honestly we got a bit carried, or better to say, Kired away with champ and arrived a bit late -just before first intermission. Damien Carlier took a good care of us (thank you Damien, and we promisse we`ll be more active today and use that great opportunity to visit backstage) and introduced us to Italian designer Andrea Cammarosano. He's based in Belgium and that`s obvious. remember Girl was wondering, if that golden leggings with sequin will fit me? Actually Mr. Cammarasano told us that it`s tight pants, not leggings. According to him leggings has to stretch. Anyway Mr. Cammarasano was super sweet and told us a story behind, that stands behind his collection, which was very interesting and and had something to do with military stuff, depriving of individuality.
 Damien Carlier. BlackBerry is definitely a biz/fashion phone


[MOMENT] Day One

Our [MOMENT] week started with a lecture by Bruno Birmanis about a beginning of independent and out of sovjiet control  Latvian fashion in the 90`s. It was more than educating and inspiring - Mr. Birmanis gave us a quick tour on a history of first ever fashion even in Baltic States named Untamed Fashion Assembly. We were also shown few videos from that even. Amazing, people, which were out of touch with outer world, had no Internet, vogues, elles, and other magazines plus at that time Latvia had only 15 international phone lines, were actually somehow aware of ongoing trends. I was so deeply shocked in a good way, that I didn't remember details. Luckily, fashion journalist Julia Rumjanceva wrote an excellent article on Untamed Fashion Assembly and Bruno Birmanis in L`Officiel Latvija April's Issue. Recommend to get a copy of it, if you are considering yourself as a fashion person.
scan fom L`Officiel Latvija April 2010
I heard a lot about Mr. Birmanis when I was a kid, I guess back to 90`s word fashion designer meant actually Bruno Birmanis. It's quite amusing - I was asked to evaluate local male celebs' style for Люблю! magazine, and guess whom I liked. Of course Mr. Birmanis!
Люблю! magazine. I'm commenting Mr. Birmanis style (how dare I?!)
 Bruno Birmanis with Baiba Rubesa\ Zandra Rouds, Andrew Logan and Julija Rumjanceva
scan fom L`Officiel Latvija April 2010
Did I say videos from Untamed Fashion Assembly? You are worried that you'll never see it - no drama. In August 2010 Untamed Fashion Assembly celebrates it`s 20th anniversary. Mr. Birmanis is organizing a huge 3-days-long event, where everyone will have an opportunity to learn more about Latvian fashion in 90`s.
Without exaggerating Untamed Fashion Assembly was a significant international fashion event.
After such inspiring lecture Girl and I, plus our friends went to Andej Osta. We were looking for Enkura Nams (venue) for like 10 minutes, and there were no direction signs. I remember, that someone in her portal was trashing Latvian Style and Fashion Awards for crappy direction signs. Well here were non, till we reached Enkura Nams. And there was a lot of posters, which appeared to be a huge arrow directing to an entrance. Whatever, fashion and art is what, that counts... 


and the winners are...

So the lucky ones are:
Janis V.
and...the one called "too late"

contact us (mob.26823064) till 17.30 and we will put you in the list.

UPDATE: All the winners are in the list. Go to Enkura Nams (7pm) - and say your name (the one you used when commented on our post) and mention that you've been included in the Stuff' n' Style list.

See ya there :)


The [MOMENT] has come

We haven't fully recovered from RFW week and fatal Green Night (thank you guys for pictures), which was famazing and, surely, unforgettable, and here we go again - [MOMENT] art and fashion week is here. It will last 4 days, from 7th till 10th April. Let us remind, that [MOMENT] week is not just about fashion, but also art and music.
 Anna Rozīte and Markus Riva
above mega company Girl, Boy, Rudolph S and Yvette MGB
Ladies and Gents, let us introduce the  [MOMENT] calendar, with our comment of course (we`ll put a star * for what we wanna see). 
Day One: 


get your invitation to MOMENTweek?

As you might notice - tomorrow will start MOMENT alternative fashion & art week. And we are very happy to offer you an opportunity to get some invitations to the events.

So all you have to do is leave a comment below explaining us what do you expect from MOMENT week and what (any kind of) alternatives you wanna experience there.

So see you there??? :)

Summing up RFW part 1

Hello dear followers! I'm extremely sorry for not posting for a quite time, but as some of you might now, I have moving drama and my laptop is still not repaired. But my friends a relatives get freaked out every time I take my BlackBerry in hands. Speaking of BlackBerry, Girl and I were spring cleaning (it's very trendy now to clean everyone and everything) our mobile devices and found a lot of funny pictures. I made a video. If you get bored of it, you can simply enjoy a soundtrack - "O Superman" by M.A.N.D.Y. vs. Booka Shade feat. Laurie Anderson. We`ll try to post every picture we took on last RFW.
Stay tuned for a midnight post about coming up alternative fashion and art week [MOMENT], which starts tomorrow.
P.S. Just got interviewed by lovely Dace Vaivara, editor-in-chief JOY magazine. Thank you very much for an interest.



Its funny how seasons have an impact on people's behaviour - not only in a literal way, when sunny weather makes you think about this season's trends, how they are matching your own wardrobe, or unexpected rain makes you regret about that you still didn't get Hunters, but also in a general. With season changing we also reconsidering our life and sprigs is something very important - new life, new beginnings, for instance, resurrection and Easter.


ohhh Mr. Louboutin

Film "Dancer in a Daydream" featuring the world’s most famous shoe designer, Christian Louboutin himself. That's why it's just impossible not to love those red soles :) Enjoy!



Our today`s winner is....

... is Rihard S. Isn`t he lovely. Stay tuned for report on Green Night and more contests
pic via Twitter.com