Hello y'all!

We'd like to announce that Stuff'n'Style has passed away. Yes, you are not mistaken, as many of you, our dear followers, have noticed that there was no activity here at S'n'S, doctors came to conclusion, that the blog is dead. HOWEVER we, Boy and Girl, believe in reincarnation and here is evidence of it.

Go to www.parterre.lv to have a look on the FIRST Latvian on-line fashion magazine, we are a co-founders of.

daily.parterre.lv - for daily fashion and style updates in Latvian and the rest of the world. Parterre Daily will inherit S'n'S mission to spread a good word about Latvian fashion, and not only in English. Something new about fashion daily! 

Plus little extra from Boy - expodaily.tumblr.com - Exposed Daily Boy's fulfilment of his exhibitionistic needs.

Truly yours,
Maija Meijere aka Girl, ex-blogger, LV editor-in-chief, Parterre.lv
Deniss Ševeļovs aka Boy, ex-blogger, managing editor, Parterre.lv 

P.S. RFW is already on, don't miss it out on Parterre Daily
P.P.S FaceBook page and Twitter will be remaining as a phantom of S'n'S