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Hi, y'all!
We are mega busy doing preparing our December issue, which will be dedicated to presents. More info will follow.
As for now you can enjoy BOY on REN TV Baltija.
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SS Paviljons 2010

and here come pictures:

SSS 11

Bloging almost live.
Here is collection by SALT. Indra Salceviča stays very true to herself in Spring Summer 2010 - sofisticated cuts, clear lines, lot's of cotton and shirts in blurry mild palette. I really liked kilts and actually I'm going to get one and wear it with tights, of course.

Sorry for pictures, I took it from a screen situated outside the catwalk. No worries I'm still very welcomed at RFW.
xxxo BOY


I said it's Riga Drama Week

Hi y'all.
Girl is talking a text, Boy is typing it. This was a better day comparing to yesterday ( Boy asks why?!), because I attended more shows, 3 out of 5 (Boy saw one only  ):, but I (BOY) witnessed much more exclUsive things). I loved Atis Artemjevs show - he is our very own Alber Elbaz and I don't even care about that drama with money and debts. (pictures will follow)
Now Boy's typing and Girl is trying to enjoy passion fruit liqueur De Kuyper which you actually suppose to mix with some bubbles. I saw only Shehurina's Show. Say it quick: loved music, models, hair, makeu-up, laces, majority of garments and of course the drama. Now pictures! We also have to party, no more long texts.

 some shoe, random picture

 Marite Kola and her's versaceish (?) shoes and Dior bag....Love the floor!

 Katya and the bride. And Victoria Matveeva on Katya's shirt. I wanna one too and Girl wants.
  who took our place. we are frontrowers, it's official.

Girl and Boy

RFW SS 11 , day one! (corrected)

Hi, y`all!
Finally, finally I can type it: "y`all"! It's been a tuffest month of the year for me and my fellow. Everyone was talking about it, about Parterre. Some thougt it will be our new blos, some assumed that Parterre could be a venue or a club, and only few quessed that it is going to be a magazin, a fashion magazine. Sure they were right. More detailde info will follow, but I doesn't mean that we are going to stop blogging.
And I'll do it right now....about first day of RFW... in pictures!
 At press conference. We did pay our visit as usual. It's a part of being kind. Where were all the press. Besids Elena Strahova did tell something worth hearing
 DJ ELLA end her bodyguard Dionysos. Loved Ella's TOP.

 Some high and low light from Ukrainian honoured guest-designer Poustovit. That's interesting, Slavs are good in form and and "sculptural", but very weak in fabric choice.
 Perwoll by Anii. I don't like Sedliņa much, but I liked her design...for Perwoll. Anita  is very good in draping huge things.
Perwoll by Agnesiga. Grose inspiration. I mean seriously cardboard decorated with  Pims, when there is a world wide hunger?! Agnese, tell me when exactly you deleted me from FB?!

Very tired Boy who wears 'tights'



Hej, y'all!

Finally I made it to a brand new store, which sells Latvian designers. This is a place worth visiting - cool atmosphere, nice service and good selection. Klase is found in Berga Bazars 

RFW tension

Hi, y'all!
As much as I hate to repost fashion journalist-slash-blogger creative articles, before reading mine, please have a look on IT. Read it?! Good! In my previous post I was accusing people in incompetence of their opinions. Looks like Agnesiga is a friend of that person and in order to restore the justice, she wrote an article. I must admit, that she did it well and asked real professionals of graphic design, what the think of RFW poster. However, could you expect a shitty article from an editor-in-chief?! I guess no! Also I'm amazed how much time she has invested in this article, imagine, translating all those comments...The fashion week hasn't even started yet, but look at this drama. I wonder what will happen when it will be on. If these people hate RFW that much, keep on telling that this event boring and meaningless, so why they keep on attending? Why they waste their time on something, what they think is  mediocre? I'm sure I know the answer, but lets wait till the fashion week and we'll have proofs. Yes, I might not be a journalist, but I'm certainly credible.


RFW SS 11 is coming

Ciao, y'al!
Riga, as any other capital IN the world, has it's own fashion week. People who are really interested and competent in the local fashion industry, this morning have noticed that RFW has changed it's logo design and already posted new poster, where official face of of RFW is mannequin. Let me remind y'al,l that previous years RFW had famous people of Latvian and professional models as "faces". This time they chose mannequin as: "face of the mannequin symbolizes universality of fashion. In order to be in fashion there is no need to be a model or a celebrity. Anybody can “wear”, create, follow or be interested in fashion. Fashion for everybody, - this is a motto of today."



Good evening, y'all!
Finally I got a chance to write a post - you see Girl and I are mega busy this week and today was actually the only day when we could take a rest, as tomorrow we are going to work a lot! But being Latvian top blog puts a lot of pressure, you know. So I will invest a bit of time into it.
We love grand openings for several reasons - welcome drinks, new faces and new places. You might wonder why it has something to do with fashion and style, well the answer is easy - on openings you always have a bunch of people from fashion industry and a bit smaller bunch of stylish people. This Friday we were invited to a grand opening of a new club, which certainly is style related as it's called D-STYLE. Event was very busy and had a lot of interesting details, which will follow. But for how here are some pcitures:


Food and Fashion in Bar

Hej, y'all!
Yesterday Girl and Boy attended an event Fashion in Bar organised by bar/restaurant Dorian Gray. It's not a secrete, that I, Boy has been involved in Dorian Gray's life and from time to time I'm consulting owners regarding events and other stuff. So continuing restaurant's tradition to entertain related public with some fashio`ish events, we came up with an idea to combine two Fs - Fashion and Food. Restaurants, as in Fashion, also have seasons. So we presented Dorian Gray's A/W menu in a catwalks form. I found it original, in spite of few glitches and overall interesting occasion.



Hi, y`all!
As any other fashioniastas we, Girl and Boy, start our day by visiting press kiosks to monitor some magazines and weekly journals and get a fresh cup of coffee, excluding coffee - we are now on an extreme detox diet, which doesn't allow to consume any caffeine in any form (black and green tea, cocoa and chocolate  are also sources of caffeine), dairy products, not even mentioning alcohol and ciggies. People think that we are a bit out of our minds, however, we just preparing ourselves for Riga Fashion Week, which, you might have guessed, involves a lot of bubbly alcoholic beverages and junk food.
Back to the point - standing and readings some fashion "literature" in Narvesen we were honoured to find our pictures and an article about us in JOY magazine. So we are official: "(..) is one of the most famous blogs in Latvia (...)the only Latvian fashion blog in English" according to Dace Vaivara, editor-in-chief of JOY magazine. We are very proud and inspired for a bigger challenges.


Autumn - time to make it work

Hello designers, oops I mean, good morning y'all!
I watched way to much Project Runway lately and sometimes I think that Tim Gunn lives in my head. I can hear his voice, especially when I do some stupid things. By the way, for all those who are familiar wit the show, it might be interesting for you. - fashion consultant, TV personality (obviously) and chief creative office at Liz Claiborne (Mexx, Juicy Couture etc.) has announced his new book " Gunn's Golden Rules" where, "he shares some of the questionable behaviors he has witnessed people in fashion do. One anecdote claims that Wintour needed a set of bodyguards to carry her down five flights of stairs."(read more) 


Creative Latvians

Sveiki, y'all!
There were concerns that Stuff'n'Style is closed as a project and Girl and Boy went into retirement as fashion bloggers, however we can assure you that we are still remaining leading fashion bloggers in Latvia, who writes in English. Both of us wish, that there would be conditions for us to be full time bloggers, but we have some other responsibilities,which for the last moth were prior to blogging. Gladly we still could visit some fashion related events and here is an extract of it:

                                       are we dead?! You wish, just too busy reading magazines ^_^


Fašon på dansk and Diana

Good morning, y'all!
Have you ever tried to write a post and make a breakfast at the same time? Yes?! But have you ever tried to make an organic breakfast and write a post about Ecco fashion, hosiery extravaganza, Austrian cameras inspired by USSR and organic skin care?! I guess, not! And now I'm trying to do it or make it work.

But first I'd like to introduce you my favourite reality show PROJECT RUNWAY - this is public designers torture, where American top designer aka big fat orange circle MICHEL KORS, fashion director of  MARIE CLAIRE with thick hair and hidden Colombian accent and German super model, who cares about tits and boobs describing her thoughts in limited English HEIDI KLUM, decide who's in and who's out. I find this show very amusing - designers less than in two days have to create "mind blowing outfit", "wow the judges" and "make it work" and then get loads of shit from the sad jury. Excited, then visit (so American) www.watch-project-runway-online.com and enjoy. It also might help you to understand my references more.

By the way be ready, this post is quit a long one, as I'd like to cover or fashion and style related events, which took place this week.

From 24th August till 17th September in art gallery TASTY TELPA/CREATIVE SPACE in Martas street 1 anyone can meet and learn the word of DIANA. Originally DIANA is a camera from 60`s, butnow it's produced by an Austrian company LOMOGRAPHY established by two Fritzs, who in 90`s got inspired but Sovjet camera LOMO. So DIANA is celerbrating it's 50th anniversary by travelling exhibition (all over the world). In Riga 10 local creative people were asked to make a custom design of DIANA camera. 
                                                                            Retro Diana