Radio 101

Sveiki, y'all!
It's crazy - if you were following my new blog exposed daily, then you have noticed how many different things I did over past two weeks. Today me, Boy, will be hanging in new Radio 101 studio. You can watch/listen live naked news from 12:00-15:00 (GMT+2), where contestants will try themselves as news readers. They'll read it being naked. What a fun, isn't it?! more: http://radio101.lv
Here are some sneak pics and a photo of me for all those who missed me:


Where's Boy?!

Hi, y`all!
I'm almost back. But I'll be fully back on 12th July. So if you wonder what I'm doing at the moment here's a post: http://expodaily.blogspot.com/2010/06/carousel-of-my-last-10-days.html

Girl was busy with some corporate stuff, but I'm sure if you'll ask her to make a post about something y'all interested in, she will do it!


Evil mosquitoes

Here's boy live from the middle of nowhere, where surprising only carrier Bite works stable and signal strength is 4-5 bars! However, here we don't have any 3G, so uploading pictures is a pain in the ass, but video - oh youtube is such a trouble. Anyway I'll try other services, Vimeo or Twitvid.
Bauska's legs and leggings with perv-bears


Sex and the City II

Hi, y'all!
Sex and the City is everywhere - as you remember last week there was a big fail (according to countless reviews and post in blogs) premier of the movie in Cinamon theater, Carrie Bradshaw look-alikes contest in Sky&MORE and other Sex and the City related crap. Personally, I was a fan of that sitcom, but last season was of it was all about product placement. If you are somehow familiar with Carrie Bradshaw, of course you went to the first premier of full-length film two years ago just to see how it ended with Mr. Big....it was a crap with fascinating styling and "undercover" product placement.
my favourite episode from South Park


OAVF vol 4/Tinto

Hi, y'all!
This week end was stuffed with fashion events - who could predict that?! Girl and Boy were busy this Monday, so sorry for not informing in on time what's and where's and how's :D However here is just a tiny video from event where we went after Open Air Vintage Festival vol. 4 organised by fashion journalist/blogger Agnese Kleina, who did it just fine already for the 4th time! Regardless the content, it's really hard to organise such kind of events. HOWEVER there was a shop girl/bitch (can't remember her name, but I;m gonna find it out) which made us to delete pictures of her dresses. I mean c`mon! When you participate in public events you expect to be photographed

Whatever, the good news are that I'm going on vacation for 4 weeks, which 3 of them I'm gonna spend in a countryside participating as a member of jury aka resident bitch (of course) in a reality show which is going to be something between American Next Top Model and Survivor. Great, isn't it?! I won't tell you more today, buuuut follow S'n'S for hot and juicy report from there!
Stay tuned, and we'll try to make you the first one to know
BTW chek my new blog about body grooming and making myself handsome http://expodaily.blogspot.com/. This will be more interesting for guys who want to be in a good shape and groomed body :D


Sex and Riga

העלא, y'all! (hello in Yiddish)
OMG, fashion is everywhere! And sometimes where's fashion is involved, SEX might occur! This time in frames of Sex and the City II movie premier (which were actually two - one in Cinamon theatre, another - Parex Plaza, what is very strange) groups of 4 women dressed in dressed and heeled in heels where everywhere -, cinemas, on streets and in bars and especially in  shopping malls. Shopping mall Sky&More surprised us again - Carrie Bradshaw's look-alikes contest was something never-seen-before-in-the-city-where-young-and-handsome-guys-find-it-difficult-to-get-some-sex. I like Sex and the City and, but I hate Carrie Bradshaw's character and Sarah Jessica Parker herself. So after I met Открыто! magazine report crew, who told me that about the contest, I was a bit uncertain whether I will digest overdose of SJP look-alikes. Thanks God, our country hasn't got any of "transvestite donkey which" and women are more than pretty here. But I must say, that the winner of the contest was reminding SJP, but very improved version. 
meet local SJP (unfortunately I don't know that lady's name)


Baron apres Bonheur

Ahhh i’m so tirrrrreeeed but i know that Boy expects me to write something about today. So after our mega busy day at work we went to:
1) Sock shop Madam Baron opening. I guess if there’s demand, there’s supply too. As the owner of the shop explained Madam Baron is shop for elegant, classical working woman who loves beautiful things and wants to feel special hehe :P Well. Let’s see what future will bring to them as the shop was pretty empty (I kinda expected mooooore socks), hopefully they will find their niche and loyal clients…



Guten Abend, y'all

Wow what an intense weekend we had! It feels like summer has finally come and people are more happy about it than usual. Apparently last winter lasted to long. If you live in Riga, you must noticed that if there is a store opening it's either a pastry or vine store. From time to time it could be something merged. Pity this week is all cold and cloudy...

Last Friday's lunch Girl and Boy went to Tinto Vina Telpas (Vine Space) - it is a new...restaurant/cafe/bar.


The Selby

I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful day and will read this post only on Monday. But as I promised some posts ago to show you one really nice not-really-but-kinda-fashion-related present from my friend in London.

I think if you’re interested in fashion or in interior design and if your daily read includes blogs then you’ve probably heard name Todd Selby and have probably seen his blog http://www.theselby.com/

Well, if you hear Selby’s name first time then here’s a little explanation. I think unconsciously everybody is looking in the windows of other people’s apartments when walking down the street. No, I’m not talking about stalking here. Just noticing little things – like weird lamps or Christmas lightning on the balcony in the middle of the summer, scary dwarf or little pink fountain in the garden or that creepy duck figure on the sill. In my area between all the private houses there is this one building which walls are painted in neon colors. I’m always wondering who are those people living there :)))

So the Selby guy is the one who is shooting different people’s (mostly fashion, art, music related)  apartments, their little vases, cats & rats, tons of magazines, collections of stuffed animals (yiiiikes) and other details you haven’t even noticed in your own place. And now the best pictures have been collected in one book “The Selby in Your Place”.
I’m absolutely in love with this book, it’s one of the greatest coffee table books I’ve seen lately. So here are some inspirational/weird/funny/sooo normal pictures (click to enlarge):

 Did you know that daddy Karl Lagerfeld is such a book addict? He even owns the bookstore that is right next door?


PeRoNs. SoRtEd (corrections)

Ciao, y'all!
Oh it's been crazy - this week was so freaking busy. As you know we are not full-time-bloggers, we also have some jobs to do. So the end/beginning of the month is very stressful - reports, papers and documents - all that business stuff which brings you from fašon heaven down to earth. Oh well, now I'v got some spare time. Here is some pictures from annual Latvian Academy of Arts (LMA) fashion students' fashion show. There were plenty of them, we gonna show the one we like though. 
Ok, let's get sorted and click to enlarge.
Junior year studentSabīne Skarule with conceptual a la most-interesting-fashion-blogger-style collection staring, guess who, yay,  fashion journalist Agnese Kleina aka fashion blogger Agnesiga. According to her it was really hard task to model. Well, sure she did it right! By the way Ms Agnesiga is organizing 4th OAVF on 12th June, info here!


Pictures prom Perons

Hi, y'all!
Here is all unsorted pictures from last night's even, for all those who aver very curious. If you have some spare tome - have a look. If not, wait for a post hopefully this evening. I wish I was a full-time-blogger...


PERONS aka Platform

Foot massage is all I can think after 4h standing and watching LMA fashion show. Eh. I know that people probably expect me to write something about the collections and other not-really-blahblahbla but I just don’t know what to say and I can’t really remember which collections I liked and which not so much. Boy has all the pictures so I will say my overall opinion. As always some 3-5 collections were great and progressive, other not at all. I liked collection by Artis Štamgūts, light, wearable and yammy :D. I also liked the men collection with star-printed leggings/shorts and hoodies and I already imagine Boy wearing something like that, sorry but I don’t remember author though. And 2 women collections where nice too but I have a mega blackout so will write about those tomorrow.

After all I spotted 3 LMA fashion trends which I tried to illustrate in the picture bellow. Before that, hear my confession. I think I’ve already mentioned that I can’t sing at all. But that’s not my only imperfection - I can’t draw either.  I just hate all the process. I need a quick result and NOW. Not going to erase a thing or shadow something else Yaaaak        

But as I don’t have pictures, here are the trends which happen in LMA shows year after year (no I’m not THAT old but still…)  

1)      Folded everything – jackets, skirts, trousers, coats. I just like it simple and it’s waste of clothes anyways.
2)      Masks/Hoods – Kenny from Southpark might like all of those things. But don’t hide pretty models’ faces
3)      Shoulders – this was the trend of the year. Spiky, slouchy, architectural – name it, everything was there. Sadly this trend is already a bit out of fashion scene but I kinda liked all those interpretations.

And now enjoy my pretty drawing and feel free to criticize my creation or even better give me some private lesson how to draw. 


Wow, I'm impressed, Girl! (and I totally love your drawing) And yes, you are right! I have all the picture, 514 pieces, to be precise! Of course they have to be edited but I cannot do it now, as my sight is so blurry no. 
Here is just one fun picture from today's event. Tomorrow I'm gonna update this post enhancing Girls comment with picture and updating names. 
Agnesiga, Anni and VikaJe aka Stiliste. 
Good night y'all!



Haiduk, y'all!
Thank to all those, who've been following the best fashion blog from LV. So there is a reward for y'all. As you know we had two invitation to Latvian Academy of Arts (LMA) fashion students' fashion show, which was VERY hard to get! So here are our winners (we considered all participants from FB, Twitter and Blog and selected them randomly using www.random.org):
Einars Iesalmanis (FB) and Anna Panna (Twitter/Meiteneanna). Please contact us to get you tickets. Remember ticket is for one person only and show starts at 19:00 (entrance from 18:00).
To all those who'd like to behold with your own eyes the students fashion extravaganza you still can buy ticket to that event - http://www.bilesuserviss.lv/lat/concerts/teatris-maksla/cits/?concert=67231

Sneak pic from THE SECRET SOURCE