Fašon på dansk and Diana

Good morning, y'all!
Have you ever tried to write a post and make a breakfast at the same time? Yes?! But have you ever tried to make an organic breakfast and write a post about Ecco fashion, hosiery extravaganza, Austrian cameras inspired by USSR and organic skin care?! I guess, not! And now I'm trying to do it or make it work.

But first I'd like to introduce you my favourite reality show PROJECT RUNWAY - this is public designers torture, where American top designer aka big fat orange circle MICHEL KORS, fashion director of  MARIE CLAIRE with thick hair and hidden Colombian accent and German super model, who cares about tits and boobs describing her thoughts in limited English HEIDI KLUM, decide who's in and who's out. I find this show very amusing - designers less than in two days have to create "mind blowing outfit", "wow the judges" and "make it work" and then get loads of shit from the sad jury. Excited, then visit (so American) www.watch-project-runway-online.com and enjoy. It also might help you to understand my references more.

By the way be ready, this post is quit a long one, as I'd like to cover or fashion and style related events, which took place this week.

From 24th August till 17th September in art gallery TASTY TELPA/CREATIVE SPACE in Martas street 1 anyone can meet and learn the word of DIANA. Originally DIANA is a camera from 60`s, butnow it's produced by an Austrian company LOMOGRAPHY established by two Fritzs, who in 90`s got inspired but Sovjet camera LOMO. So DIANA is celerbrating it's 50th anniversary by travelling exhibition (all over the world). In Riga 10 local creative people were asked to make a custom design of DIANA camera. 
                                                                            Retro Diana


Čiva Riva, here is Markus Riva

Hoooola booola babies :)
Maybe you’ve already read somewhere that yesterday we had a special guest who had just come back from NYC (ohhhhh) after spending 3 months there (ohhhh again) . So yesterday he came to visit us wearing Be Stupid t-shirt by Diesel which I absolutely adore (remember, I even wrote a blog post about that campaign a while ago? If not – you can read it here) Obviously you wanna know who was that American boy, right? And here’s the answer – no one else than Markus Riva.



Hi, y'all!
Yeah 10 days since last post is frustrating for me. And it is so annoying that nothing significant is happening. Whatever. But we know that there is going to be some fun and pretty soon:
On 28th August at 13:00 in Jurmala on beach near Dizntari Concert Hall will take place Cosmopolitan Bikini Bash - a celebration of semi naked bodies which happens every year in major part of the world. Organizers invites to join everyone (18+) too take part in in and win some prizes (you have to apply on www.cosmo.lv).


Live from Embassy of Art Deco

Bonjour, y'all!
We are happy to announce, that one of the greatest modern fashion historians and collector Alexandre Vassiliev brought his second exhibition to Latvia. Our trusty followers shall remember his last Victorian exhibition, which was simply delightful.  This time it's even better - Jean Patou, Madeleine Vionnet, Coco Chanel and Jeanne Lanvin garments could be seen live, not in a hurry and in good lighting here in Museum of Decorative Arts and Design (Dekoratīvās  Mākslas un Dizaina Muzejs)
Magnificent Alexandre Vassiliev

Someone hunts for faces, and some for asses

Greetings, y'all!
Precious Girl and flamBOYant are back from the literally hottest event (in terms of temperature) of the month. We were on a book signing Facehunter by Yvan Rodic, the famous street style (?) blogger. Surely, we belive, that y'all are aware of who Yvan Rodic is and you might agree with us, that he's even not a street style blogger, but the author of culture reflective blog - his captures include fashion, street style, people, places etc, which are clearly a part of any culture.

Mr Yvan Rodic himself 


Styling for a book

Ok, I know it's a really bad habit to start new post saying "ohhh it's been a while since my last post but blablablah". But it's not that we're doing nothing. As mentioned in the previous post (read here). We're involved in one super-mage exciting project about EU knitwear designers. So yesterday was the photo shooting - we had lovely models Terēze & Džeina (2b models), makeup artist Irina and the cutest puppy ever. Photos were taken by Carla Breeze who's also the author of the upcoming book and everything was videotaped by Wayne.


sneak pic

Good morning, y'all!
We are so excited...we are involved in some almost epic project, which will result in a book about European Hand knit designers! We won't tell more, as we are only half way though. but soon we'll report more. It's so fascinating, how web works - it's been less than a year, when we started to blog with a mission to spread a good word about Latvian fashion and design to the world, and look, someone got interested in local designers. We are really proud of what we are doing, and we`ll go more further with it.
Here are some sneak pic of how fashion writer works. We went to Anna Led's boutique to talk to the designer and have a look on a garments.
Anna Led talks about her collection