RFW SS 11 , day one! (corrected)

Hi, y`all!
Finally, finally I can type it: "y`all"! It's been a tuffest month of the year for me and my fellow. Everyone was talking about it, about Parterre. Some thougt it will be our new blos, some assumed that Parterre could be a venue or a club, and only few quessed that it is going to be a magazin, a fashion magazine. Sure they were right. More detailde info will follow, but I doesn't mean that we are going to stop blogging.
And I'll do it right now....about first day of RFW... in pictures!
 At press conference. We did pay our visit as usual. It's a part of being kind. Where were all the press. Besids Elena Strahova did tell something worth hearing
 DJ ELLA end her bodyguard Dionysos. Loved Ella's TOP.

 Some high and low light from Ukrainian honoured guest-designer Poustovit. That's interesting, Slavs are good in form and and "sculptural", but very weak in fabric choice.
 Perwoll by Anii. I don't like Sedliņa much, but I liked her design...for Perwoll. Anita  is very good in draping huge things.
Perwoll by Agnesiga. Grose inspiration. I mean seriously cardboard decorated with  Pims, when there is a world wide hunger?! Agnese, tell me when exactly you deleted me from FB?!

Very tired Boy who wears 'tights'


  1. And sedlinas name is not anna, if you like to corect others then look first at yourself!

  2. no coments, that was to cheap, sad and pathetic,no imagination and creativity ...

  3. ...there's definitely something wrong with the team work, or attitudes, or ambitions .... or money....
    international name Riag Fashion Week.....that's bull shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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