I Am An Asshole

Hi, y'all!
Well, lot'a of my friends and bloggers are off to Positivus Music Festival and it's been pretty hot lately, so most of the blogs were dead including Stuff'n'Style . But it doesn't mean, that there were no events, or someone been to lazy to work. In fact I have materials for at least 3 post. Ok, they will be a bit from the past but whatever! 
Remember, we were writing about designers store Over Score. Well last Monday I got a chance to learn the owner of the shop Aleksandr Parfenov more closer. He appeared to be very friendly, smart and good sense of humour enabled young man. Also I had a chance to study more the shops's content, as we spent there whole day doing shootings for the reality show Calendar.LIVE. Honestly I'm not very fond of Japanese designers, but anyway Over Score is the only place where you can get fresh Junya Watanabe, Comme des Garçons and Yohji Yamamoto along to Dries Van Noten, interesting brand Histoire De Voir, which does leather eyewear. Extraordinary and unique and Thomas Wylde.

The ambience of the store is quite unique, Aleksandr Parfenov invested a lot of time and energy into the interior design. A lot of pieces are origination from Paris. For example some lapms or hangers are from an old Parisian factory. Also the selection of colognes and edt is interesting and I haven't seen anything alike in other shops. 
Aleksandr Parfenov himself 
me wearing Histoir De Voit Visor 
Yasha, owner's Spitz and me wearing KatyaKatyha Shehurina's famous ribbon of love 
another, yet beautiful blogger's pose :D
having fun :D I got employed as a mannequin :D
entire KatyaKatyha Shehurina's look. BTW Ms. Shehurina just got back from Berlin, where she took part as an honoured designer in a catwalk on Baltic Fashion Awards, where she presented her pre Spring/Summer 2011!!! Well done Katya, you will be global pretty soon :D P.S. Stll waitin` for the pictures.

My favourite brand manager of all times Victoria Matveeva. Next time when I will get interviewed I will mention her as an brilliant example of DO's. Covered tummy, no crystals, yet sexy, feminine and with STYLE!
So, I'm really sugesting to pop in to Over Score on Smilšu str. 16 in Old Riga to have a look and maybe to get some exclusive stuff.
By the way that night, as you might know, I got mugged and most of my digital belongings gone. But someone was very kind to me and presented Histoire De Voire leather armband, which spoke to me. Thank you, A for that wonderful and cheering up present, which will remind me of what and where and with whom to do or not to do!  

Good luck y'all and see you soon
Forgot to mention that Over Score sells not only international brands, but Latvian, which are becoming international, like KatyaKatya Shehurina and Narciss AND amazing Russian designer B!RYUKOV.  Silly me  
Now Over Score temporarily is transferred to Jurmala, @ the Salon de Luxe in Jurmala SPA hotel - first floor  Till 02.08.2010 !!!


  1. why that girl is showing Fuck Off? is that really cool and trendy? That's a shame

  2. why this girl is showing her middle finger?
    Is really fuck off so trendy and sylish? I think it's so lame

  3. Dear Vovoy, I had like 4 different pictures of her, but this one is full of movement unlike the others, that's why I put it here :D ^_^ and actually she shows her broken nail :D

  4. And Maison Martin Margiela also could be found in Over Score :D

  5. Deniss, mazliet ar novēlošanos, bet tomēr-apsveicam Tevi dzimšansdienā!
    Tavi kaimiņi... :)

  6. Paldies!!!! Kadi kaimini???, man te patas ir daudz :D

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