Meet Daniella

Hi, y'all!
I guess everyone was wondering where S'n'S's gone, what's happening on Latvian fashion scene and are we alive at all.Well I'm happy to tell you, that we are perfectly fine, there's nothing really major going on in Latvian fashion biz, but we still have something interesting to share with you!
As some of you might know, me, Boy was involved in one reality show project inspired by the best Latvian photographer Sergey Kondrashin. I'm still not allowed to reveal any significant information but I'd love to introduce you one of the show's contestants, magnificent Daniella T.
I noticed Daniella already on a first day of the show, her beauty is so radiant that you actually cannot miss it, but what attracted me more, was her personality and of course sense of style.
At first you may think, that Daniella belongs to snobbish and superficial kind of girls - I must admit, that there are several bias in our society about what snobbish girls wear. With Daniella it was LV bags, but luckily she appeared to be down-to-earth, smart, very opened person, yet knowing what she wants and achieving it. I'm glad, that during the show we became friendly, it's always nice to be in a company of beautiful and smart young lady. Talking about Daniella's style I would underline that she mixes mass market with luxury good really well, it always looks natural and not tortured, she goes for expensive accessories (her weakness are scarves) and cheap shirts or tee. I hope we'll see more of Daniella pretty soon.
But now you can enjoy pictures!

I'm back on track, so there will be more intense posting, don`t worry. Blog nr. 1 soon will surprise you even more ^_^. We've got lots of crazy ideas, we just need to execute `em

P.S. I just had a phone call from KatyaKatya Shehurina - she shared some pretty exciting news. Soon we`ll know how next summer is going to look like...stay tuned!


  1. Mne ocenj nravitsja stil Danielli. Kak ona umeet sovmechatj nesovmestimoe i pri etom neverojatno vigljadetj!

  2. "fashion" blog states kondrashin as "best latvian photographer"? seriously?
    ever browsed vogue or ID or dazed? once?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Anonymous bitch is scared to uncover his/her name?!
    Vogue, ID and Dazed and Confused are magazines I'm reading since 18 (also I'm familiar with Numero, POP, Nylon etc.) And Konrashin is the best Latvian photographer. Who'd you propose as a such?! If there are some claims, please specify.
    I'm also aware of Det Nye.