internet stars day

Hi, y'all!

Today was everything and everyone about the Internet celebrities. Actually it all started yesterday, when I met Anna Rozite on shootings (yes, I was working on my b-day and yes, Anna Rozite is an Internet star too. Visit her portal www.pozitivaszinas.lv or her blog http://annarozite.wordpress.com/). Of course I knew Anna already, but yesterday I had a chance to to learn her more. Under that beautiful face hides interesting and creative personality, she appeared to be more open, than I thought. 
Andris Ruskulis (leading Oriflame make-up artist) does Anna

Anna waits for shootings (Edgars Zablockis co-owner of hair salon Patelle and Andris too)
So this afternoon, I called Anna to invite her for a lunch at D`Vine (if you are interested what I ate, please visit expodaily.blogspot.com), unfortunately she couldn't make it, because she had another photo shootings with a great fashion photographer Nils Vilnis  and great fashion designer Indra Miklāva  for Cēsis Art Festival ( Cēsu Māklsas Festivāls) exhibition. Photo shootings took place nearby vintage shop Pērle owned by ex MTV VJ Žanete Skarule, who still doesn't great me (yes, I have an issue with it, but luckily unlikely to Una Meistare Žanete wear more colourful outfits). 
In the same place I met also my favourite Latvian model Māra K (she works there), beautiful model Svetlana and social media guru Arturs Mednis. We had a nice chat with Māra after she did me a frapuccino (1.50 LVL).
Māra, the magnetic eyes
On the way back to my office I met another virtual celebrity  Liva Jaunozola who told me something about coaching and shared with me, that she will go to Positivus. Looks like everyone will be there, but me. Whatever. As I was back to the office, something wired happened, when I came closer to a mirror I saw....another internet celebrity....It was.....meeee hahaha. 


Radio101, don`t ask me why I'm on a simulator...

Well, have a nice evening and wonderful weekend, y'all! Don't get waisted and be good. Tonight I'm off to celebrate my unofficial B-day at MetaKafe together with my beloved guys from AmberMuse. Report tomorrow!

Oh, forgot to mention that I was in Radio101 studio! DJ are really sweet, hopefully next time they'll interview me   :D  



  1. wow yesterday sounds like fun & I start to miss city life. However sun & beach is not bad either :D not much fashion here (not at all) but everything else is just perfectly relaxing!


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