Autumn - time to make it work

Hello designers, oops I mean, good morning y'all!
I watched way to much Project Runway lately and sometimes I think that Tim Gunn lives in my head. I can hear his voice, especially when I do some stupid things. By the way, for all those who are familiar wit the show, it might be interesting for you. - fashion consultant, TV personality (obviously) and chief creative office at Liz Claiborne (Mexx, Juicy Couture etc.) has announced his new book " Gunn's Golden Rules" where, "he shares some of the questionable behaviors he has witnessed people in fashion do. One anecdote claims that Wintour needed a set of bodyguards to carry her down five flights of stairs."(read more) 

I'm going to get this book asap, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be juicy. While Riga's fashion scene last week was stuffed with workshops, presentations of new collections like Baiba Ripa at Madam BonBon and other alike exciting events, we, Boy and Girl went to Esplanāde park on Friday to promote healthy life style and celebrate or body and spirit. We just wanted to break the stereotype, that fashion bloggers and, in general, people of the industry are a bit flabby, slightly over weighted chain smokers who loves layers not only because it's trendy, but also of it's disguising abilities. It was fun doing beloved by us BodyPump and BodyBalance outdoors. If you think it's unfashionable, the your fact are all wrong - sports and sporty lifestyle is at the moment biggest trend, besides it makes you look better. 

Girl and Boy strike a pose 
That's it for now. 
Lots of love
Oh good news for all those, who loves RIM and it's BlackBerry. Pretty soon we will have our very own tablet, which is better than iPad!!! 

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