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Sveiki, y'all!
There were concerns that Stuff'n'Style is closed as a project and Girl and Boy went into retirement as fashion bloggers, however we can assure you that we are still remaining leading fashion bloggers in Latvia, who writes in English. Both of us wish, that there would be conditions for us to be full time bloggers, but we have some other responsibilities,which for the last moth were prior to blogging. Gladly we still could visit some fashion related events and here is an extract of it:

                                       are we dead?! You wish, just too busy reading magazines ^_^

We are not only proud of some Latvian fashion designers, who are competitive and gaining more and more recognition,but also of local young entrepreneurs, who are implementing modern marketing approaches and believe in local designers. We all know how ideas are flying in the air and any of us is already a millionaire in our daydreaming, BUT in the end of the day, planning and execution is all that matters.

                                                                    team Creative Latvia
September 2nd, a brand new on-line shop www.creativelatvia.com was presented to a broader public. This is a place where you can see/buy/purchase-a-tailored-garment-according-to-given-measurements clothing and accessories designer by Latvian designers. The idea is just brilliant, now even small brands have a place where top be sold, and this goes far beyond Latvian borders. So PLEASE,  our international followers, please support Latvia, and purchase some stuff at creativelatvia.com.

The second reason to be proud of has a name and it is Elīna Dobele and her amazing and really authentic shoe brand Zofa. This Thursday Elina had a small-cosy-almost-family-event-slash-presentation in Madam Bonbon store. I arrived really early at six, there were not many people, but ambience was really nice. Ilove Elina, and love her shoes designs, in spite of lack of high heels (but she has promised to design some). 

                                                                       Lovely Elīna her self

Ok, that's it! Time to sleep - tomorrow's a busy day... even thought it's Sunday!


  1. Thank's Deniss!
    and I really like new layout of Stff'n Style!! Superb!!!!

  2. yes, the idea is super great and I am happy that they brought this project to reality. but there web design and logo is just super trashy ( beside using the worst typo ever for there logo what the heck is this cherry and why the hell are all the heads of the models cut off???? ) this just looks all so bad. with such a design they will never be able to compete on the international market. you should have given them beside your props a smack in the face and tell them how a fresh online store should look like, there is just thousands of examples.

  3. I do agree, that the web page design, especially if it's meant for an international markets, HAS to be changed. For local market it would work, perhaps...
    However the idea is great indeed! It's very hard to start your business, especially now, when you can't find investors. SO maybe there's is some designer, who could help Creative Latvia with rebranding for a reasonable price?