Hi, y`all!
As any other fashioniastas we, Girl and Boy, start our day by visiting press kiosks to monitor some magazines and weekly journals and get a fresh cup of coffee, excluding coffee - we are now on an extreme detox diet, which doesn't allow to consume any caffeine in any form (black and green tea, cocoa and chocolate  are also sources of caffeine), dairy products, not even mentioning alcohol and ciggies. People think that we are a bit out of our minds, however, we just preparing ourselves for Riga Fashion Week, which, you might have guessed, involves a lot of bubbly alcoholic beverages and junk food.
Back to the point - standing and readings some fashion "literature" in Narvesen we were honoured to find our pictures and an article about us in JOY magazine. So we are official: "(..) is one of the most famous blogs in Latvia (...)the only Latvian fashion blog in English" according to Dace Vaivara, editor-in-chief of JOY magazine. We are very proud and inspired for a bigger challenges.

Fashionistas are a bit gossip people too, so we couldn't resist to peep some yellow magazines. We were shocked to find out that that at the age of 31 you are still youngster. Latest issue of Privāta Dzive  has a spread where, golden youth of Latvia answers on "10 the most hardest questions in the world". C`mon if you are famous like mentioned Aisha, Nikolajs Puzikovs and Rihards Lepers, it doesn't mean that you are rich and belong to "golden youth". And I mean please, 31 years old  musician Lauris Reiniks might be golden, but certainly not youth. The only eligible golden girl is Nikola Krištopane, who's father is an ex prime minister. Well, what could you expect from a gossip magazine?!

Enough of gossips, it'a time for facts. Tonight at 20:30 we are going to fashion bar/restaurant Dorian Gray to have a look an a A/W 10/11 food collection presentation. Rumour has it, that Latvian fashion and style guru - Gundega Skudriņa, Olga Kolotova and Inita Saulīte-Zandere will participate somehow in a catwalk.

Well, log in tomorrow to learn more about FASHION in Latvia ^_^/