Hi, y'all!
Yeah 10 days since last post is frustrating for me. And it is so annoying that nothing significant is happening. Whatever. But we know that there is going to be some fun and pretty soon:
On 28th August at 13:00 in Jurmala on beach near Dizntari Concert Hall will take place Cosmopolitan Bikini Bash - a celebration of semi naked bodies which happens every year in major part of the world. Organizers invites to join everyone (18+) too take part in in and win some prizes (you have to apply on www.cosmo.lv).
Today or tomorrow at creative space TASTY everyone can observe some creative works of our local designers. The task was to decorate iconic-almost-disposable-and-with-USSR-flair camera LOMO. Today we had Alyona Bauska QooQoo who showed her design, whoch looks pretty funny and kind of futuristic.

Have a nice evening...


  1. hi s`n`s,
    starting from 24th of august :P

  2. Dear, Anonymous!
    You mean the LOMO exhibition?

  3. Hey, why did you change fonts to "unreadably grey"?
    I don't wear glasses, but these fonts made me think that maybe I should? :)

  4. yes, lomo exhibition :)

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