Fašon på dansk and Diana

Good morning, y'all!
Have you ever tried to write a post and make a breakfast at the same time? Yes?! But have you ever tried to make an organic breakfast and write a post about Ecco fashion, hosiery extravaganza, Austrian cameras inspired by USSR and organic skin care?! I guess, not! And now I'm trying to do it or make it work.

But first I'd like to introduce you my favourite reality show PROJECT RUNWAY - this is public designers torture, where American top designer aka big fat orange circle MICHEL KORS, fashion director of  MARIE CLAIRE with thick hair and hidden Colombian accent and German super model, who cares about tits and boobs describing her thoughts in limited English HEIDI KLUM, decide who's in and who's out. I find this show very amusing - designers less than in two days have to create "mind blowing outfit", "wow the judges" and "make it work" and then get loads of shit from the sad jury. Excited, then visit (so American) www.watch-project-runway-online.com and enjoy. It also might help you to understand my references more.

By the way be ready, this post is quit a long one, as I'd like to cover or fashion and style related events, which took place this week.

From 24th August till 17th September in art gallery TASTY TELPA/CREATIVE SPACE in Martas street 1 anyone can meet and learn the word of DIANA. Originally DIANA is a camera from 60`s, butnow it's produced by an Austrian company LOMOGRAPHY established by two Fritzs, who in 90`s got inspired but Sovjet camera LOMO. So DIANA is celerbrating it's 50th anniversary by travelling exhibition (all over the world). In Riga 10 local creative people were asked to make a custom design of DIANA camera. 
                                                                            Retro Diana
It's very romantic and has a touch of nostalgia, wrapped in yet original LOMO philosophy, which has 10 rules:
1 Take your camera everywhere you go
2 Use it any time – day and night
3 Lomography is not an interference in your life, but part of it
4 Try the shot from the hip
5 Approach the objects of your lomographic desire as close as possible
6 Don’t think (william firebrace)
7 Be fast
8 You don’t have to know beforehand what you captured on film
9 Afterwards either
10 Don’t worry about any rules
                                                                   QooQoo custom design of DIANA
                                                                       NEW DIANA from XXI century
The opening of the Exhibition was very strange, crowded and I didn't understood what's going on and I was amazed by a quantity of AGNESE KLEINA's clones! Well done, Agnesiga! You are certainly a trend setter and how you have to feel your responsibility for people's taste level. Anyway Girl and I were rushing to our beloved gym to enjoy the new release of BODY BALANCE. BTW you can purchase LOMO cameras in Latvia too at www.lomography.lv  ,but remember that's digital cameras are more eco friendly (just trying to safe you from hypocrisy).
                                                 ANCE KRIEVIŅA and AGENESE KLEINA

This year SOCKBOX decided to cooperate with Danish shoe brand ECCO, which apparently is trying to rebrand itself - it is interesting how global brands incorporate local trends. Recently some socialites were shot for ECCO ad campaign, now they are ready to work with local brands. I liked the fact, that it was all about the legs - shoes, even with a midget heels, intensive colours of leggings and stockings, models' power walk and actually hight of runway, made us all to look on legs and not to pay any attention to styling imperfections which were going on on top part. Some might find it odd, but hair pieces were funny in a good way and made whole show more graphical.
 It's interesting that they didn't forget about guys too, but the whole look of them wasn't very cohesive to me.

Any way it was a good Wednesday evening, with a glass of wine, some snacks, mingling with socialites and enjoying jazz music. 
On a way back I popped in to another presentation of organic cosmetic on line shop www.june.lv. For all those, who are eco-organic-friendly check it out, they even have organic dish washing agents and liquid washing powder.  

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  1. Show was like a WTF ... no lights, no normal sound e.t.c, I hate that kind of presentations, only idea was perfect ...
    I have headache today after this cheep wine ...

  2. YYYEeee, there was like ..... feeling WTF, even styling, tase and show ... wewewewwwwwweeeeee...

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