Styling for a book

Ok, I know it's a really bad habit to start new post saying "ohhh it's been a while since my last post but blablablah". But it's not that we're doing nothing. As mentioned in the previous post (read here). We're involved in one super-mage exciting project about EU knitwear designers. So yesterday was the photo shooting - we had lovely models Terēze & Džeina (2b models), makeup artist Irina and the cutest puppy ever. Photos were taken by Carla Breeze who's also the author of the upcoming book and everything was videotaped by Wayne.

We did styling - actually it was interesting to keep in mind that when doing fashion styling for books, it's important to keep things timeless. Well, that's obvious because you might read that book again after 5-10 years and don't wanna say - "Oh that's so 2010" :D

So it was all about knitwear and we're very proud that AnnaLed was picked as a designer to represent Latvia. Her pieces are so timeless and beautiful. Natural elegance.

As well yesterday reminded me how beautiful Riga is - architecture, atmosphere - everything.

Salut, y'all!
Oh, I must admit, styling was really chalenging. I'm not a great fan of knitwear, but I guess we did a great job! This was one great experiance, with a professional outcome. I hope to do more sylings soon. Hey, anyone from Cosmo, Joy, Pastaiga or L`Officiel,  maybe you are interested in inviting guest stylists/fashion bloggers? 
Catch you later!

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