Someone hunts for faces, and some for asses

Greetings, y'all!
Precious Girl and flamBOYant are back from the literally hottest event (in terms of temperature) of the month. We were on a book signing Facehunter by Yvan Rodic, the famous street style (?) blogger. Surely, we belive, that y'all are aware of who Yvan Rodic is and you might agree with us, that he's even not a street style blogger, but the author of culture reflective blog - his captures include fashion, street style, people, places etc, which are clearly a part of any culture.

Mr Yvan Rodic himself 

If you do disagree with us, then he has admitted it by himself. Mr Rodic said that he do not care nor understand fashion and trends, he just takes picture of anything he likes or what stands out from the crowd. We liked his openness and honesty and a feeling that he doesn't really care about what others think. 
one of the ZZ Friends?
Already from 9:00 near Radio101 (Agnesiga and Rodic had an interview at Radio101)you could see weirdly looking girls or girlclowns hoping to be snaped by Facehunter. Of course it all moved to Luka Buka, a trendy book store located in a Opera's ticket office, where was hot as hell, where everyone hoped to be immortalized at facehunter.blogspot.com . Unfortunately Girl and Boy wont live forever..but on a way back we immortalized some guy's ass, just for a change :D (Girl says, that that ass wasn't the worst she saw, in fact she liked it :D but she doesn't admit it ^_^)
The Queen of SockBox Inese Krūmiņa and Agnesiga
What The Front-row?!
 What The Frills 
what the ASS!!!
Oh, oh, oh, Stuff'n'Style gonna attend another more FASHION and STYLE related event. Stay tuned.


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