Food and Fashion in Bar

Hej, y'all!
Yesterday Girl and Boy attended an event Fashion in Bar organised by bar/restaurant Dorian Gray. It's not a secrete, that I, Boy has been involved in Dorian Gray's life and from time to time I'm consulting owners regarding events and other stuff. So continuing restaurant's tradition to entertain related public with some fashio`ish events, we came up with an idea to combine two Fs - Fashion and Food. Restaurants, as in Fashion, also have seasons. So we presented Dorian Gray's A/W menu in a catwalks form. I found it original, in spite of few glitches and overall interesting occasion.

More details tomorrow, gotta dash to a meeting with Girl and then off to club D-Style grand opening!

Photos (c) Janis Mednis


  1. Hi! Could you tell me please names of the girl and boy at the first picture? Saw them both modeling at RFW and loved their performance. Thanks a lot in advance!