Good evening, y'all!
Finally I got a chance to write a post - you see Girl and I are mega busy this week and today was actually the only day when we could take a rest, as tomorrow we are going to work a lot! But being Latvian top blog puts a lot of pressure, you know. So I will invest a bit of time into it.
We love grand openings for several reasons - welcome drinks, new faces and new places. You might wonder why it has something to do with fashion and style, well the answer is easy - on openings you always have a bunch of people from fashion industry and a bit smaller bunch of stylish people. This Friday we were invited to a grand opening of a new club, which certainly is style related as it's called D-STYLE. Event was very busy and had a lot of interesting details, which will follow. But for how here are some pcitures:

Oops, gotta be awake in 5 hours, time for a beauty sleep.

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  1. Riva ir lielaakais Latvijas losis un pedinsh !!!:)))