RFW SS 11 is coming

Ciao, y'al!
Riga, as any other capital IN the world, has it's own fashion week. People who are really interested and competent in the local fashion industry, this morning have noticed that RFW has changed it's logo design and already posted new poster, where official face of of RFW is mannequin. Let me remind y'al,l that previous years RFW had famous people of Latvian and professional models as "faces". This time they chose mannequin as: "face of the mannequin symbolizes universality of fashion. In order to be in fashion there is no need to be a model or a celebrity. Anybody can “wear”, create, follow or be interested in fashion. Fashion for everybody, - this is a motto of today."

Ok, maybe it's an odd choice, how ever I like the new logo and the concept - fashion for everyone. Fashion for fat people, fashion for vintage people, fashion for kids, fashion for businessmen, fashion for everyone!
It's been only few hours since the official face of RFW has been reviled but what a reaction. Due to privacy I wont name the names, since it all happened in FaceBook. 
One of the most famous fashion blogegers of Latvia, who also has to happened is a fashion journalist shared on her/his FaceBook wall the picture you can see above with a comment that: "it's sad, that we (obviously) don't have real and alive models". I'm not sure if she/he was/is aware of the concept, as this person, I guess, hasn't time to get acquainted with the press release so whatever. I responded that there is a deep thought behind it, on what she/he said, that there sure is, there always is and will be. Well professional journalist knows better.
What drove me mad, was comments of Latvian born Interior Architect, who tries to make a  production line for home furniture. This person is also quite significant in Latvian fashion industry (it's not BAIBA RIPA) and somehow is involved in Latvian fashion media. So I assume this person has interest and knowledge in fashion. She/he suggested our raising star (according to NY Mag) Ginta Lapiņa as a face of RFW justifying that she is

The Next Big Thing. Well RFW last season's face was another The Next Big Thing Karlina Caune... So I asked Interior Architect why human necessarily  has to be used as a face of RFW. He/she agreed with me but said the following: "however any poster's or any other visual informations task is to evoke right associations. This particular poster to me doesn't evoke associations with a modern, trendy (I hope that it is RFW aim) event of the end of first XXI century's decade. Rather it this evokes association with USSR time written science fiction, or in a better case this could be poster for Kraftwerk concert in Prague created in Czech Republic  in 90`s" Too bad that Interior Architect has such associations and more worst that she/he seems to be biassed, which is certainly no the most right feature for a person involved into fashion and architecture. I'm looking forward to coming RFW week - it will be not only a place where we'll see the future and meet fresh faces but also it will be our first anniversary. Can you believe it?! It's been already a year!
People think, that I'm a bitchy angry upstart, but I wont tolerate unprofessionally of proclaimed journalists. I am ready to parry a blow, so please comment below.

Take care!


  1. can't wait for that week to finally come!!
    and talking about poster...I've never seen a curvy looking mannequin in any of the big fashion stores(maybe not been to the right ones, eh me), the thin and beautiful is still a face of fashion industry and it takes very little baby steps towards a change. I'd more like if I'd see a persons face on poster, it kinda talks to me more...

  2. boy n girl – you should read your blog posts before posting them - so many mistakes and some are way too confusing - for example:


    I know you meant revealed, but reviled means to criticize in an abusive or angrily insulting manner. even if you meant the second one – i kind of agree with those unnamed ladies that the poster was way too cliche for a forward thinking event. mannequin is fucking 80ies - you can't deny that…

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