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The marathon of fashion is over and it made me think about the product life cycle in the fashion industry. People live from one fashion week to other, from ready-to-wear to couture, to resort and to pre-collections. Year is fulfill with the events but sometimes it makes me wonder why must I wait so long to get my hands on the latest pieces seen on the runway. It will take like 5-6 months till the spring collections will hit the stores. Right now I’m supposed to like and wear the trends seen on runway 6 months ago when the autumn/winter shows were on. Isn’t that a bit weird?
Probably this situation was ok when the internet didn’t rule the world. Now when you don't have to be a magazine editor, powerful buyer, or world class celebrity to get a front-row seat in the fashion show, when you can stream live video of the event and watch it at home wearing your Pj’s or sweats (like this Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2010 show).

It’s just distracting to wait soooo long. If I like the piece of clothing, silhouette or pattern that I’ve seen on the latest runway, consciously or unconsciously, I start to look for something similar available in the stores right now or make a project for DIY. I want it NOW.
And if I see celebrities already rockin’ the newest trends from the latest shows (even though it’s not spring yet, well, it’s not even winter), then it just doesn’t seem acceptable to buy something trendy that in the fashion-forward society is already considered as sooooooooo last season.
C’mon aren’t you already tired of rocker chick babes, leather jackets, pants and studded bags? And what about the obsession of shoulder pads that makes people look like ridiculous copies of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Joan Collins from Dynasty?

Don’t you think that fashion industry should change the product life cycle? If internet technologies change so fast, why can’t fashion industry move forward too?


I`m more a style person, rather than fashion, so that`s why sometimes I find people`s obsession with fashion  a bit odd . True, fashion product life cycle is way too short - mostly, only 6 month. And it`s not only question of money, which you are ready to spend or "invest" in it, but also that confusion caused by at least 4 main trends. People become mad trying to be super modern and follow current trends. Let`s face it, it`s really hard to avoid a pressure coming from TV and glossy magazines, with people telling you what to wear this season. What is more, our brains are stuffed with not only present trends but also with coming up seasons`. And what to do with pre-collections and resorts... In order not to be over-drafted and not having mental breakdowns from that fashion information and still be not an-outcast-n-old-fashioned there are two solutions.

Solution #1 - "Cheap and Chic"
We all know that there is a brand called Zara - a nightmare for designer and manna from heaven to fashionistas. Zara provides a a fresh copies from catwalks straight to you city in all sizes and colours. Yes, it is a crime against fashion in some ways, but what to do with the fact, that Zara is more faster with garment production. Funny, but Zara is ahead of clothe` design actual brands in terms of time. It takes 4-6 weeks for Zara from "idea" to ready-to-wear piece on a hanger. Plus, prices are sooo much more attractive. Another ting is that your body has to be mannequin alike to fit Zara`s clothe perfectly. Sure, other zarai`sh brands are available, like Mango and H&M, but they, comparing to Zara, still have a creative team. So this is a first option how to be dressed up-to-date.

Solution #2- Style
Invent your own style or pick one from existing. And word style has nothing in common with a word comfortable, and by comfortable I understand hoodies, sweatpants, flats for girls (yaaaaaaaaaaaak) and ugly sport shoes (see picture bellow) and baggy jeans.

There is a variety of styles starting from down-to-earth, and ending something from outer-space, as an brilliant example Lady gaga. When you have a mature concept of style it`s easy to shop - no need of latest trends, no hysterical bidding and e-baying, no credit card drama and plenty time for your life.

Speaking of modern technologies and the Internet - both solutions is easier to implement with a help of wires and cables, laptops and netbooks. For example H&M has an online shop, but lost`s of style gurus - blogs with advises. But i think that people should change their shopping attitude and fashion behaviour first, before internet will establish consumption religion even deeper. In 30`s, 40`s, 50`s for instance each decade till Millennium had it`s own significant fashion and silhouette. But how we can describe 00`s - mishmash of everything and a guilt of not being fashionable, which is cultivated by another cat walks and presentations.
It`s a major topic to be discussed more seriously - contemporary consumption society. But i have not a big wish, nor time (expect new post about trends soon (-; ). I just suggest to shop more wiser and with a responsibility. Especially when recession is not over...

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