Onсe upon a time there was a Girl and there was a Boy who were lethally bored, especially on days like today - that cold, windy, Baltic mid-autumn fare.

Both the Girl and the Boy got the same BA grade in communication studies and were employed at the same company. It also happened that the Girl and the Boy had a common interest - STYLE and all its relevant fields. The Girl and the Boy indulged in harmless internet surfing and massive glossy fashion magazine consumption. Everyone was happy - lots of information about the world`s biggest designers and brands, hottest trends and lifestyles. BUT, being the slightly proud citizens of a small country, the Girl and the Boy were disappointed to find no information, nor blogging about local events. The Girl and the Boy do not expect much from the local scene, and yet they do hope that there are some true fashion and style gems in the middle of nowhere. Plus the Girl and the Boy are willing to shear their own thoughts with entire world.

The Girl and the Boy have so much in common, and you may wonder at the point of having two such similar bloggers on one spot.
The thing is gender. The Girl and the Boy will give you different views on the same events, news and phenomena.

The Girl and the Boy are very grateful to each reader for following the blog.

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