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Oh my Lord, yesterday was a NIGHT. I`m just woke up an trying to put me self together and digest the huge amount of information, celebs and events. But first of all i just want to say, that `i,m really happy that Mārtiņš Grauds is the winner of FIP 2009 - i believe that it`s the best work at FIP so for (not to mention, that there is one of my fav latvian models). While Girl was enjoying FIP, i, Boy was mingling with celebs. I looooove it (Fabia voice)    

OK, take a deep breath and read-and-watch

We, Girl and Boy started our fashion day by attending the official RFW press conference. Elena Strahova, Tanja Baļvas and Agnese Zeltiņa were there to share their thoughts. It was a looong talking and here is a summary - Elena Strahova, the main person at RFW said, that she is realy surprised about the fact, that now, in the economical crisis designers are opening shops and stores. She has two explanations for that - either the rent prise went really low, or our designers got inspired by THE CRISIS and got all creative. Agnese Zeltiņa was, and i hope still is, happy about being a face of RFW!  She also told, that her modelling experience is no rich. But Agnese, darling, we are happy with the quality!!!! Interesting fact, in 1991 she was a model (yes, after the fall of USSR independent Latvia had some fashion event too) for Riccardo Tisci here in Latvia. Yes, the Riccardo from Givenchy, God bless him.

OK, enough of facts, lets switch to STAR advises:
STYLE advise #1
Wise Agnese Zeltiņa suggest to invest money in shoes, sunnies and accessories. What`s in between, nobody cares. But if you are living in a country with a warm climate instead of investing in shoes, she recommends to do a pedicure. Agnese is a bare foot lover and she had a chance to enjoy it in Los Angeles during a film production, where she is a main star, called "Es gribu tavu meiču".

STYLE advise #2
Elita Drāke, the societé and restaurant "Feeling" owner believes that style it's all bout loving yourself plus glamouring.

STYLE advise #3
Another Agnese, Agnese Kleina, the journalist, blogger and good-looking-girl gave us a small style tip - take a souvenir (whatever you have) and attach a pin to it. Result: a unique accessory.

STYLE advise #4
Šeila, the  crazy (in a good meaning) designer told us, that in order to stylish you have to have sober view on your wardrobe and be creative, for instance DIY is the success key-factor.

STYLE advise #5
Olga Kolotova, the L`Officiel Latvija fashion editor promised to give me a style advise tomorrow. But just check a picture of her and everything will be clear - fur scarf and  grey palette is ON now!

STYLE adive #6
Marija Kapelka, the consulting dept. director Colliers International recommends to buy clothes which is comfortable. You know my attitude to the "comfortable" style, but Marija has a right understanding of comfortable: hight heel boots and a cosy-stylish knitted dress-lovely!

STYLE advise #7
Maija Silova, the TV and style diva. I was bedazzled by her, that i`v became speechless and completely forgot to ask her for a style advise. Luckily i still was able to take a picture of her. That is a style manual!!! Boy loves Maija Silova!!!

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