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Katya Shehurina came on the opening event to watch Anna Led's collection and shared a joyful news with us - she bought Jack Russel Terier recently! Interesting, will it has an impact on her collections. Or maybe we`ll have dogs designer clothes by KatyaKatyaShehurina?!

Dima, the hair stylist from Pastelle told us that it was quite hard to meet Hanna Korsar's demands regarding hair style. There were 3 hair dressers who have done an amazing job just in 3 hours! Professionals, what can you add!

Dmirti Doubovik, the RWF manager was really happy about opening event and said, that there is a fan group of RFW on Face Book. Worth checking.

Mara, the model was doing the Anna Led's catwalk, which she`ll enjoyed very much. Also she`s glad about her new violet hair. Oh, we love you Mara!!! (One we, Girl and Boy had a great photo session with Mara on a roof). Also Mara said that Boy look like Chuck from Gossip Girls...

Gundega Skudriņa, the Stils bez Tabu (style without taboo) presenter and creator was really generous to us, beginners of fashion blogging, and said that she wasn`t expecting much from the opening, however she`s looking forward seeing Andre Tan`s show, the honoured guest of RFW from Ukraine, Katya Shehurina's catwalk,  Russian designer Birykov event and Alise Indriksone's show, "interesting and worthy player in fashion field" as Gundega admitted.

Janis Logins, the RFW manager believes, that if public thinks that the fashion show has succeeded, that it really is successful! According to Janis, everything went just fine. He also mentioned, that organizing this year's event was easier than before - "now people are more precise about their wishes and aims, what helps a lot".


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