RFW (a)LIVE!!!

Oh boy, i`m so flattered to be invited to RFW opening party. I hope we`ll be the first one who`ll cover this event.
Most of all, i`m exited about ANNA LED new collection (www.annaled.com).I have no idea what ANNA is going to present, but i`m 100% positive that there will be some comfort-radiant-knitwear.

Never-seen-before HANNA KORSAR's (www.hannakorsar.com) collection is this day's intrigue. Just few words to say, she`s  John Galiano with a etno-Baltic twist with less make up.


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Sooo true, Boy! I feel excitement all around me! And actually I can't wait to see the video & music performance by Zanete Auzina? I don't really know what to expect but that makes everything even more intriguing. Will see!

Dear followers, stay tuned and we will let you know all the details!

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