Back from East

While Atis Artemjevs resides in NY and continues his international career, our favorite designer Katya Shehurina is back from Tokyo. Ms Shehurina together with 4 other Latvian designers participated in a trade fair. Katya made a "field" research and has obtained some business contacts with potential clients. Designer is very satisfied with her trip: "We had a unique opportunity to talk to people from Japanese fashion industry, who knows the real situation on a local market. We have made a lot of contacts and already received few orders! The first steps has been made and development direction is clear" says Katya Shehurina.
Local public had a great interest in Katya's collection: "The collection arose interest, especially elements of hand craft" explains Katya. The designer noted, that she also had a chance to talk to other Latvian desingers, Agnese Narņicka, Alexandr Pavlov (Frazzo), Mareunrol's and Irēna Gaša, which is impossible in Riga, as everyone is very busy.
Well, what can I say, Stuff`n`Style wishes a great success to Katya and others  in Japan.
P.S. Thanks to Marc Litvyakoff for provided pictures

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