Fashion Gossips and Facts

While others were invited to a strange event, wich has literaly no title "Untitled" ("Bez nosaukuma"), organized by Latvian Fashion Fund (Latvijas Modes Fonds) and is meant to define and award the best designer of the year, the best début, the best whatsoever and etc, we were kindly invited to the Latvian Fashion and Style Award 2009, which will take place on 1st of March 2010. I`m looking forward to that event, which bacame a traditional day in Latvian Fashion calendar a long time ago.
 It is obvious, that Latvian Fashion Fund has some major plans. They have established an alternative to Latvian Fashion and Style Awards, and who knows, maybe there will be alternative Riga Fashion Week soon?! Due to lack of information and facts, I may only guess  what are the reasons for such behaviour. I find it really strange, that we have so many alternative fashion events, especially in such small country with tiny fashion industry. However it might evoke more stronger competitions which will result in increasing of quality. I`m aware of "Untitled" laureates and let's just wait for Latvian Fashion and Style Award results and make our conclusions.
And here are some pictures from Latvian Fashion and Style Award 2008 kindly  provided by Baltic Fashion Federation  
Žanete Skarule , ex MTV Latvia VJ

Aisha  and Intars Busulis

Indra Salceviča and Jeļena Strahova

I also think the situation is a bit weird but when it comes to fashion events - on one hand - sometimes "more is more" and it's good but on the other hand - do we really need similar events? As we consider ourselves soooooooooooooooo creative why don't we organize something NEW not the alternatives to other already existing events? As the industry is so tiny, there are always the same people around (who btw are mostly bored of everything and everybody haha :)))). well, will see... :D



  1. Thank you, darlings, that you took up this problem - luck of creativity might be very valid in some cases... (btw, does this Latvian Fashion Fund (Latvijas Modes Fonds) has any www one can see?)

  2. the one i know is http://lff.com.lv/ but they don't update it anymore

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