Berlin ohne ale

Good evening folks!
I`m now sitting and waiting my flight back to Riga. As you might know, i had a quick get-a-way to Berlin for two days. What can I say, I`m in love with Berlin already for 5 years and it's my top location for parties and shopping! Plus a lot of good friends of mine live in that amazing city. Thank you Intars and Dima for a fab accommodation and company. Guys, I din`t even realize how I`v been missing you.
After heavy parting and hangover recovery I hadn't any power to do any culture and shopping (just few pieces bought), however I got a chance to meet Maria Aniskovich, who kindly invited me to her's place, which was jut super (apartment, her baby boy and her self). We had a lovely chat about everything. I`ll try to put everything together in my next post. Here are proper pictures from my trip.

Despite that Berlin was fun, I`m really jealous of Girl. Looks like she had fun and I`m looking forward to that video. A small teaser for y`all - Boy will be involved in Latvian Style and Fashion Award and Stuff-n-Style is already involved in some fashion project. So stay tuned! Ooops I`v just got a personal call - have to daaaaaash. Why they don`t have a free internet access at TXL?!
P.S. Bloody happy St. Valentine's Day (bad romance in my iPod for tonight)and yes, I haven't seen any Hollywood star.

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