My friend Dima

Yesterday evening on my way back home I checked my post box and found lovely wrapper from one of mine dearest friends, Dima, who lives in Munich. 
Wrapper was thick and walking up the stairs I was guessing what's inside. Dima (and my other friend Vlad) recently came back from his trip to NYC, so I assumed that it could be either some horrible sample of american fashion magazine (like Vogue USA) to make me laugh or just opposite, something extra cool and related to FASHION. And I was right, after unpacking the wrapper I saw a very cool book "Modern Menswear" by Hywel Davies. The book is about contemporary men's fashion and as H. Davies claims: "Contemporary menswear provides men with the opportunity to express their individuality and this is now the GREATEST LUXURY AVAILABLE" and I totally agree. In that book you can find information about modern men's fashion designers from A to Z. 
Dima thank you very much for that lovely present - it will be helpful for our posts ^_^

BTW My fried Dima is a kind of fashionista with a great taste. You can get inspired by his looks here at lookbook http://lookbook.nu/user/53128-Dmitri-M and also Dima is making music compilations (which I find kind of snobby, but you might like it) under title Naive Moods here: http://www.groundbird.com/Naive/ 

Dima, now you HAVE to update your lookbook! 

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