Take a chance on Neva

It's been 10 long days without any significant event here in Riga worth posting about. However there are some news for young designers. I'm pretty sure that there are fews designers among our followers. So, dear young designers here some information for you!

Latvian Fashion Fund together with Latvian Republic council in St. Petersburg gives possibility to participate in Defile at Neva („Дефиле на Неве“) to two talented fashion designers, who`ll have a full and ready collection  till March 15th. More information here: http://easyget.lv/dzivesstils/read/21440/

Who's gonna apply? Anyway we wish y`all best of luck!
Girl and Boy have some scheduled cool events for coming up weekend. Stay tuned! 
BTW have you seen that director début of Tom Ford "A Single Man"?

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