Markus Riva & Loooove to you

Hey guys! I just woke up and all I wanna do is jump around the house and say: “Olympics, Olympics, Olympics!!!” :))) haha but that’s not why I’m writing this…

While Boy is exploring/partying in Berlin, I’m the one and only queen of the blog!!!! :)) So I’m going to have fun here…

Yesterday after having some nice wine, good chat and live music at restaurant KID wine bar, I went to Markus Riva single Love to You presentation at Crystal Club. As you probably know (or not) I’m not good at singing at all but I admire people who can write music, who can perform live, who can express themselves through music and most importantly who do their own thing no matter what. Markus definitely is one of them. 
Ok, back to the event, we arrived late but still got an awkward feeling when saw that club was half full (I won’t use expression “half empty”) however it got a bit better after a while. But, of course, I didn’t go there because of public J Markus Riva performed songs from his upcoming album “Songs from NYC” including the single “Love to You” (and I absolutely love the video projection of the song) and some fresh cover versions like Lady Gaga’s Poker Face (featuring our own Latvian Lady Gaga (in good meaning) Agnese Rakovska from Triānas Parks & Jānis Starpcāns from H20) and Beyonce’s Single Ladies.
I met also some interesting people, so have a look:
I know Madara for some 4 years, and I will always associate her with Riga Fashion Week, organizational guru :) The girl on the right is Karmena, my friend, who’s also interested in fashion and healthy lifestyle (McDonald’s doesn’t count) :)))
Then comes Andris who’s Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge marketing director in Baltics (now I hope it's correct  :) thanks for help Madara)
Enzo who claims to be cosmo.lv sex & relationships adviser…
Aaaaaaaand Markus Riva himself. Thank you for the evening!!! :) And good luck with the upcoming album :)

I also had a video of the song but as I'm not good with technics and my hand was shaking too much, believe me - you don't wanna see it  :)

Have a good weekend :)

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  1. Was nice to see you :)

    Can help you ;) Andris Kleins is a Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler marketing director in Baltic States....

    Have a good one you too :)