GAGA everywhere

I guess everyone has noticed that not-so-recent buzz about Lady Gaga. Yes, it might be well organised and planned promo campaign of her new album THE FAME MONSTER, but can you name any artist of this decade who brought cutting edge fashion on pop stage? Or renewed this cosmic style? Or did something extraordinary? Well the only name what comes in my mind is Bjork, but isn't she from the last century?! No offence to Bjork's fans, but she`s not that young and energetic anymore, and that's easy to explain - she's 44. And still she never was a pop icon, an icon may be. While you are thinking of other gagaish artists here's a promo video :D

Lady Gaga became so popular that now you cant event say, who's using whom to gain an extra publicity. Here's a list of gaganization:
A song from the album THE FAME MONSTER Telephone featuring Beyonce: youtube this song yourself, there's no official clip yet

A song by Beyonce Video phone featuring Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's appearance in TV series Gossip Girl

A photo session in American Vogue featuring Lady Gaga by Annie Leibovitz and Grace Coddington.

Oh, isn't she everywhere? Girl may be you have something to add?


I can only agree - she is everywhere. And you know what - I like it !!! Gaga is never boring and there's always something to talk about... :)
Here's the latest performance by Lady Gaga in American Music Awards (Bad Romance & Speechless):

Gaga-oh-la-laaaaa :)

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