Happy Birthday, Girl!!!

Today Girl has a birthday. But it`s also Friday (we still have to work, no alco at all till 19:00, just fabulous chocolate-banana-coffee smoothie). So Girl has invited Boy for a birthday lunch at restaurant K.I.D. (we usually have lunches here, coz the atmosphere is quite relaxing and you can escape from crazy city rhythm and it has nothing to do with kids).


Being fashionistas we couldn't avoid a chat about last week's event - Riga Fashion Week. As Boy has his laptop with him, we decided to make a "hot-spot-fashion-spreads" of RFW catwalks.


Darling Girl, i wish you lots of love and luck and let your closet dreams come true! 

Tomorrow is another Birthday. DJ #1 in Latvia, Bogdan Taran celebrates his 33rd anniversary. Of course we are invited :D  

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