It's done, it's gone, it's over

It’s done. RFW is over.
Alise Indriksone. All looks were very, very feminine and elegant. Lot of evening dresses, high-waisted skirts, ruffles and drapes. Collection reminded me the mix of looks by Valentino, Roland Mouret and Louis Vuitton aw2009 and maybe a touch of Lanvin and Stella McCartney. Victoria Beckham meets Nicole Kidman.I didn’t love it however I liked that collection was wearable and felt commercial (and I love when Latvian designers make clothes that they could really sell). I think I could definitely enjoy my “red-carpet moments” when wearing Alise Indriksone :)

Andre Tan. Leather jackets were super cool (aka Balmain-ish), whole collection – well… not really. I got a bit bored but you can prove me wrong...

Diana Nevedomskyte. My impression – painted silk dresses - that’s something my mum would like (not bad, just not for me) as she likes silk painting.  Collection just felt odd and a bit old-fashioned.
Roberto Verino. As much as I know everybody loved the collection. I wasn’t one of them. I blame bad lightening. Honestly, I didn’t get the story behind the collection. Evening gowns mixed with bathrobes, rocker chicks and lady-likes. Ok, whatever you say… :)


Certainly, there was something Balmain-ish in the air on the 4th day. For example,  Alise Indriksone`s shiny black leggings and emphasis on shoulders, or Andre Tan`s (Ukraine) leather jackets, which was the only interesting pieces from his collection. Though, i`v enjoyed SS10 by Indriksone. It gives a hope for femininity, which is endangered by the crisis. Also i totally liked vivid and playful models, and yes Mara, you were the best :)

I don`t want to comment Diana Nevedomskyte haute-couture curtains. And iItotally am with Girl  about the lighting at Roberto Verino. It`s not a masquerade...but the brand has it`s own public here in Riga, Omega hall was stuffed with people, and a lot of them has a sense of style.


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