Hello Kitty! Hello 35!

Everyone knows Hello Kitty. For most of us it`s  white she-cat with a red ribbon on a gigantic head, who`s (or what`s ) logo is printed on different kinds of surface - pen cases, all kinds of boxes, undies, bras, toilet paper etc., Just name it!
As Hello Kitty became popular in 1987 for general public, not everyone knows from where this creature came.

It may not surprise you that she was designed by Japanese Designer Yuko Yamaguchi in 1974, and Kitty's first appearance was on a plastic coin purse. What may surprise you, that she has her ow biography, and according to that her full name is Kitty White, she lives in London (!) and enjoys to bake cookies and collect small cute things, like stars, fishes and other crap. Being a decent British, she has a good family: Father Georg, Mother Marry, and her sister Mimmy (verrry British) who also happened to be her best friend (!) (strange, i hated my sis, when we were kids).

Kitty stayed infamous till mid 80`s, and company who owns the brand has decided to that it`s time for Kitty to grow up and redesigned her in to black and white rendering, which they believed will appeal to older audience. And some how it has worked, there even were several movies with Hello Kitty and according to time.com: "Kitty got her biggest boost when she was adopted by A-list celebrities like Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton, who accessorized with a Kitty clutch at a book signing in 2004". What a bullocks - before the audience of Hello Kitty was 10-12, and after "a plastic surgery"  in 1987 it appealed to Mariah Carey and Paris Hilton?! Certainly older audience, but it doesn't mean mentally stable.
There were a lot of events and thing connected with this Kitty - weddings, special maternity hospital designed a la Hello Kitty and even a $150,000 doll covered with gems.

Yes, there is always a little child inside of each of us, but there has to be some limits too, unless you style icon is Mariah or Paris...But anyway let`s celebrate Kitty's mid age and look forward to Hello anti-aging Kitty with whole line of relevant products :) How about botox syringe with a smiling Kitty on it?!


Honestly, I hate Hello Kitty. I don't even know why. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaak! I think it's genetic or some kind of "Hello Kitty hater's" bacteria. All I can think is yaaaak eeeeeeeew yaaaaak... However I'm intrigued seeing botox(ed) Kitty. Even bigger and flatter face? yaaaaaaak!!! And here goes one fashion faux pas - yaaaaaaaaaaak (Goodbye Kitty!)

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