THE GAGA WATCH and some stuff

While i`m whiting this post i`m enjoying plaisirs de Noël - ginger bread and mulled wine from already beloved Coco Loco and listening to Lady Gaga's x-mas choral song My Christmas Tree.



I know, dear followers that you are dying for some news about local clebs and designers, so tomorrow Girl and I are going to visit Open Air Vintage Festival organized by a  journalist and fashion blogger Agnese Kleina. May be we will see some of y`all there? Would be great. I hope there will be some mulled wine.


Ok, back to Lady Gaga - she is so ON now and it's official. I-D magazine (my favorite) December issue has an article with her. Here are some pics:


And US Elle will put her on January's cover. Here is video (click here): 
We just love Lady Gaga. 

By the way Girl and I were interview by ЖЗЛ magazine. We've just bought the latest issue and we are not happy - looks like that journalist had to much mulled wine and totally mixed up our answers. So whatever is written there is a complete bullocks. 

What else?! Aoh! Party of course. Ok i`m going to pop in at SPACE:GARAGE here is a flyer:
And description:
"Exclusively for this Friday, December the 11th Space:Garage will become Space:Cloakroom! This time you can leave your Gucci's and Prada's at home, because it will be all about exchanging clothes. If the word "swap" comes to your mind, you've guessed it correctly. Finally the globally recognized Swap-O-Rama will happen at Space:Garage. Just put on your funkiest and funniest things you don’t need anymore and dance until the special signal says to swap, that is exchange, them with any person near you. 
In case you don’t have nothing swap-able at home, come anyway and buy things super cheeply at our second-hand market. Also you’ll be able to purchase the edgiest local designers’ stuff and coolest vintages at the night-market.
Of course, we haven’t forgot about the musical accompaniment. Our local ladies Nina "pop-mashina" Elektrichka and Ksenija Kamikaza will be escorted by an American gentleman Greg Eversoul from Sanfrancisco. Sounds fun, huh!? We give our word – it will be one hell of a playful party experience! Any obstacles to that will be held back at the entrance by face-control.
We need you to come and swap and make it a night to remember!

Door: Ls 2,- till 00.00; Ls 3,- after 00.00"

See you there!
P.S. Tomorrows post is going to be more exciting. Honies, we know that you want more, but we have to work too. Remember it's the end of the year - reports, documentation, post cards etc.?



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