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Christmas madness is coming - lot`s of charity, social and fashion related events will be present this month. And of course all of us wants to look more than good and radiant - it's Christmas, all about miracle and magic. And there`s not magic without lotions and potions. To achieve an optimal result you have to apply all that chemicals for a while. So, I the Boy was in few beauty shops recently and got few things, which are essential for any guy (at least for ones, who wants to look "healthy" in winter time, when there`s no sun)

Essential thing #1: Purifying.  
Facial cleansing gel PASSION FRUIT by THE BODY SHOP. Honestly I`m not into that eco/bio/organic trend, but actually THE BODY SHOP is really responsible company, for instance that facial cleansing gel's bottle is made of "100% post-consumer recycled plastic" , other reason to use that gel if because it works (and smells really nice). I`m really mad about passion fruit. Pity that you can't get any passion juice in Riga (and when i`m abroad i`m always buying few liter of that juice to bring it home), but i have a passion cleansing gel now. Price less than 4 LVL at any THE BODY SHOP store 

Essential thing #2: Detoxing/matifying/scrabing
All that features you may find in one product - DIOR HOMME DERMO SYSTEM Detoxifying matifying mask. It`s not cheap - 28 LVL, but it actually works. I had it last year and that tube lasted for a year, so not a bad investment at all, especially when you can see and feel the result after first application. Available at Douglas. (Don`t forget to ask for a special DIOR loyalty program)

Essential thing #3: Energizing     
I`v tried many product and my favorite skin energizer is from CLARINS MEN, but this time bought energizing face care by JEAN PAUL GAULTIER MONSIER men's skin care. I have no clue, what has been added to that cream, but it makes you skin glow. Skin energizing is really vital after and before partying! Trust me :D. I bought that creme in Las Vegas at Sephora for 35 USD. If you won`t find any JPG MONSIEUR replace it with CLARINS MEN revitalizing gel or BIOTHERME HOMME aqueapower (really good stuff)

Optional thing #1: Cheering up
Kännu Kukk. This potion comes from Estonia - a 45% vol. liqueur with sugar crystals on a bottle's bottom. Excellent on the rocks and with sparkling wine.

Treat yourself with that lotions and potions or other stuff, and as a result you`ll get healthy looking face as a Christmas present. What do you use? 

P.S. Sorry, dear followers, that we were silent since NOV 25, but there are many post to come, all about x-mas and tips on presents. 


80ties are coming back not only in fashion but also in your bathroom bottles :)
I honestly love perfume/make-up/body/bath/hair cosmetics etc. shopping. I don’t know if it’s lipstick effect or what but right now I’m definitely spending more on glamming/aromatic things than on clothes. However it doesn’t mean it’s any cheaper. Have you ever thought how worth is the content of your make-up bag? Foundation, concealer, mascara, eyeliners, eye shadows, powders, blushers, bronzers, billion of lipsticks, lip balms, lip glosses, don’t even talk about face creams, eye creams, masks, body lotions, hand and foot creams… and then come all hair products…
Ok let’s get back to BodyShopping – The Body Shop has announced it is bringing back some of its most popular products from the 80s for a limited period. Anyway, old favorites such as Fuzzy Peach shower gel, Banana shampoo (is there Banana conditioner too cause the shampoo smells divine?), carrot face cream are all present and smell gooooooooooooood. And for me the aroma is one of the most important factors when buying TheBS products. Who could possibly resist Banana shampoo or Peach shower gel? Carrot cream is good too, it even gives a bit of gloving tan effect.

Talking about tanning – I’m looking for the perfect self tanner, I’ve never used one but right now I’m kind of scared of tanning beds/skin cancer things that I need new tanning solution… Help!!! :)

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  1. Have any of you guys tried Christopher Hanlon cosmetics from Sydney? I know a lot of the celebs are totally devoted.My boyfriend loves his shaving cream and oil. Let me know your thoughts on this big little-aussie-brand