Where do i begin...To tell the story of how great love...scratch... party can be. I'm just back from university, where i had a chance to select proper pictures from last night and now i`m looking at them and trying to remember every tiny detail of last night. Ok, let's make it chronologically.

Venue/Act #1: "Grand opening of "Fashionguide.lv outlet"
As we were writing before, we were invited to a grand opening of some new outlet shop. I`v arrived to the place a bit earlier than Girl, and had a chance to investigate what it's all about. During my investigation, i met Olga Kolotova, the fashion editor for L`Officiel Latvija, who told me, that she was expecting to see clothes, not a podium and random people. We'v mingled a bit and i continued my research. As i was done with it and i`v realized that Mrs Kolotova had a fabulous outfit, which was more than worth picture taking, she escaped...Actually that was the end of the investigation and the verdict is obvious: the opening is a subject of suspect. 

Gee (super-duper producer, ) with Joel, the owner of the shop

Luckily, there was plenty of A champagne and i`v grabbed a glass, while Girl was on a line. Few minutes later we were drinking A champagne and asking ourself, where are celebs and are there any hobnobbing objects. Counting the amount of crystals on ladies, and holes on men's jeanses, we came to conclusion, that there's none, when all-of-the-sudden show began.

Girl, maybe you can help me, but i can`t recall, who's collection was the first - either Mors.ee vintage show or Raigo Randes Supernoova. I reckon it was Mors.ee vintage show with Latvian beauty contest semi-finalists as models. Let pictures speak for them selfs.

Then we had a break, where Girl and I had another drink, our favorite G&T. Without any possibility to dry out our glasses, the second show followed. It was Latvian Michael Kors, but in-latvian-boring-gray-violet-bordeaux palette Alexander Pavlov's brand FRAZZO catwalk with semi-model-semi-finalist of that beauty contest. By the way, where was Mrs. Fogele?! I actually liked few pieces, however, i believe Girl will give a proper review on it.

Finally, after finishing our second G&T, we had a change to move back to 90's or 00` with a help of time machine created by designer Raigo Randes Supernoova (now I understand where that cosmos related word comes from). Despite the fact, that everything looked really haut couture, i could not get rid of a feeling that i saw it all before when i was in 8th grade - torn jeans, lather jackets etc is might be still popular in Estonia, the origin of that designer, in Latvia is almost a fashion rudiment. 


On the way to Cosmopolitan party Girl and I inspired by Estonian fashion popped in to my place for a shot of traditional Estonian liqueur Kannu Kukk. 

Venue/Act #2: Cosmopolitan party

When we arrived there, Girl and I delight our thirst of celebs and hobnobbing. Yes, K.I.D. restaurant, where the venue took place, was stuffed with all different kinds of well-and-not-so-known people. Also, there were some people, who, to mine concern were looking stylish and photo flash worthy :D. For example, Maija Silova, the TV diva with a big D, had a brilliant sequin dress (pity that my build-in flash is so crappy and sometimes refuses to participate in a good picture taking), perfect hair (i have no clue, what that Lady does to her hair) and radiant smile. By the way Ms Silova is not only a diva, but also a very nice person; or Liena from BikBok was absolutely firsthand; or Gita a girl, who lives in London in her striped dress.

Also there were few musicians - Markus Riva and Jānis Strapcāns, who's also a TV presenter (Kinomānija at TV3) . Markus gave a really good performance. There was a huge argument between my friend regarding Markus Riva, and yes, dear friend if you were at Cosmo party you would understand why i like him - live performance with a lovely-sweet voice (in a good meaning). Plus Markus was wearing a shirt by SALT, which i love. I was writing before that I'm going to get some stuff from award-winning designer Indra Salceviča. 

Also we met Dace Krievina, the fashion editor at Cosmo. Doh, she is the fashion editor, she knows dos and don'ts. 


Venue/Act #3 Chopstick at Salt'n'Pepper 

Yes, we were there, at Salt'n'Pepper bar, the official and hottest pre-party place in Riga, which actually is perfect from parties as well. And it`s not only us who thinks so. Gosh Dj Chopstick was spinning great tracks and mixes, whatever it's called - i'm not good in music. As long as you can dance along it it's super. And I'v danced a lot - pity that i had a class at university next day, so i had to leave. Oh yes, by the way Chopstick is quite a star. Google him. Oh yes, Dj was wearing American Apparel tee, I have it too :p My favourite. 

I guess Girl has something to shear with us - like a banknote hahah. 

Final Act - i had a dream, i was in London with my friend. We were moving to a new fancy dorm at Piccadilly Circus. How fabulous! May be it will become true someday. Yes, Sebastian, it we were together cleaning our new dorm. 


Haha, that was one interesting night! First of all, grand (khm khm) opening of Fashionguide.lv Outlet was, well, not grand. I was almost one hour late and when I got there I was surprised that there were like only 30-40 people. Literally! Huh? Ok but maybe it’s just me but I absolutely didn’t feel comfortable there… And if I’m going to the opening of the store then I wanna see a real stuff that they are going to sell not one completely empty space. Well, I’m not sure if I ever go back there to see what they’re selling. First impression, you know… 
Talking about fashion shows – I thought that first show was something vintage (then it could be pretty cool) but actually it wasn’t. Aghh I can’t tell anything good, I just didn’t like it – some random pieces put together with no sense. 

Frazzo looked more like a complete collection however it didn’t blow me away. I didn’t see anything unique or something to remember. It could be any other brand/shop presentation – grey coats, dark dresses and trousers, knitwear; one thing I liked was accentuated waistline but I guess that’s it. And the last show was (khm khm) tasteless, bad interpretation of Ed Hardy… Comparing to this Ed Hardy is the king of style (and I’m definitely not a fan of Ed Hardy haha).

Cosmo party was better, restaurant KID was full. I guess there were a lot of Cosmo readers/ girls and their punished boyfriends :) 

We also met president of Baltic Fashion Federation Elena Strahova (thanks for lovely RFW) , Gee and TV diva Maija Silova - I can only agree that she is one super good looking and, yes, super nice and sweet person as well. 

And then came handsome musicians… :) First of all – guys who wear SALT are awesome in the matter of style :) and if they can sing live is definitely a bonus too. So, clappp, clapppp (applause) to Markus Riva. Btw Boy and Girl are just baaaad at singing; don’t even ask to do that… However we are singing a lot when working at the office, mostly Lady Gaga, Britney and Madonna’s infamous yeaaaaaaaaaaah from Celebration. 

I didn’t spend a lot of time in Salt’n’pepper, so I trust Boy if he says that party was good. But while I was there we met Aisha who didn’t look very happy (don’t trust pic), but Dj Chopstick was good.

Aaaaand… When I finally got home I found out that after partying I still got 20Ls in my wallet (wow that's good) BUT somehow there was a big hole in the middle of the banknote? How??? Not sure if that was also a reason why my taxi driver didn’t wanna take it (however he said that he just doesn’t have a change but who knows?) I guess I should start a new Facebook group called Unknown Money Injuries or check if there’s a monster living in my wallet… :) haha

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