It's cold out there...brr Christmas time is known not only for festive spirit and mulled wine, but also for, pardon me, shitty weather. Girl complained that this weather conditions makes her wear stuff, which makes her look like a fat penguin or Russian matrjoshka - but it's not true. Girl and I are making a perfect match as a showman couple, but in black colour. I won't post pictures, no f**** way.

 It is also known, that a proper meal keeps you warm, so we had a lovely breakfast in our beloved restaurant K.I.D. - pancakes with ham and cheese, yummy. After examinating L`Officiel Latvia DEC issue we decided to have a quick shop tour right there in the old town. 

For all those, who complains about poor selection of good clothing in Riga and has money for a good shopping i recommend a store called DECADENCE, where, already starting from this autumn you can buy not only Vivienne Westwood, but also Gareth Pugh (!!!!!) and Rick Owens (!!!!). I must add, that Gareth Pugh was so popular, that only one dress has left. Ladies, you gotta hurry to get this piece. Plenty of Rick Owens, both for men and women. If you like mentioned designers, i advice juts to visit this lovely store with friendly and cozy atmosphere on 13,  Mazā Smilšu street. 

There are 3 shops, where you can buy KatyaKatya Shehurina creations, one of them is called Over Score on 16, Smilšu street. Also you can find there brands like COMME des GARÇONS, Yohji Yamamoto and Junya Watanabe. There was a coat which would suit me and Girl, so Christmas a la Japan. 

By the way, we are going to attend Latvian Academy of Arts Christmas fair  ЯRMARKA!!! (http://www.lma.lv/?parent=927)


I don't know if I have already mentioned that but I truly love Rick Owens and everything he does I consider as perfect art and lately I kinda like Gareth Pugh too – especially after his spring/summer2010 collection :)

soooo... Dear Santa!
as you know Christmas is coming... I' ve been verrrrrrrrrrrrry good girl lately :) and I know you always have problems deciding what to give me as a present, so I will make this process easier – Rick Owens leather jacket would be perfect surprise (I know you wanted to give me that fancy private jet (according to facebook quiz)... but you know what? As it is crisis – jacket will be just fine :) btw you can read post by Boy and see where you can get one but... hurry up!!! if there' s nothing left – there are plenty of Rick Owens store around the world, so you can get one on your way to me... I will warn Mr.Owens that you will take one :)

...Dear, Mr. Owens!
I just wanted to warn you that if you accidentally see one red wearing man (or deer Rudolph) in your store trying to choose the perfect leather jacket – then no worries – it' s Santa Claus. Give him the best one... xoxo thanks & love you :)

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