Lost in vintāž (aka vintage)...

I`m just back from Vintage Open Air Festival vol.2 organized by Agnese Kleina feeling a bit queer after yesterdays huge party. Actually i never went to SWAP-O-RAMA at SPACE::GARAGE for a particular reason - after examenating my wardrobe I realized that i have got nothing, but fine clothes which I`ll never swap. So that's why i went to another party where i had few LIIT and got back at 5 this morning, had 3 hours sleep and then my lovely course mate Elina picked my up on a way to my university, where i had a final test, which, i`m hoping, will be good. Then Elina took me to Vintage Open Air Fest, where i`v met Girl.

I`m really appreciating Agnese Kleina's goodwill, she has done a great job, namely she has gathered different designer, craftsmen and celebs under one roof, who were selling their good and some vintage stuff. For example, KatyaKatya Shehurina was selling some pieces from her old collections and, or some girls with vintage clothes.

I`m not really fond of second hand, but i coulnd't resist this Jeans Jacket for 15 LVL (it's going to be my party outfit for tonight). Also i liked bow tie with silhouette of Latvia - really patriotic and I'm planing to get it later.

 It was not only me, who has bought some pieces. DJ Ksenia Kamikaza payed some 10 LVL for little cute trunk; Journalist, Julija Rumjanceva awesome striped mini skirt for 2 LVL; and Kirill Simichev, the SPACE:GARAGE man, flashy teddy bear for 5 LVL. It is so wonderful to do shopping for less than double digit.


I was interviewed by Jana, a girl from Zelta Zivtina ad, who is also a fashion blogger (www.ielumode.lv). To tell the truth, i was a bit glitching but Gilr helped me, so actually quote "What's comfortable is unfashionable, what's fashionable - uncomfortable" belongs to her. Thank you daaaarling!

So i saw a lot of pretty stuff which is perfect fro x-mas gifts. I hope Girl and I will make x-mas gifts top10 soon, right?
BTW mulled wine for 2,5 LVL is way too much, sorry! After that fair we went to have a cup of coffee in META KAFE, kewl place with some buts but about tha a bit later.
Girl my head is not working, so i hope you`ll write some more particular information about the thing we have seen today. And whatever you will say - I'm totally with you. Remember about craftsmen invasion? OK, I'm off to RIX airport to pick up some friends from Germany. Have a great evening, everyone!!!!


Hey guys, do you remember that after visiting Tējas Roze (read here) I was talking about grandma who’s completely blind because someone has sold all of her glasses/frames to Tējas Roze. After Vintage Fest I got a feeling that poor grandma is not only blind but also completely naked… :)
I’m gonna be honest I don’t really know what’s the difference between second hand and vintage.  I guess vintage is considered as more upscale and unique because of the age (not sure how old the item should be when considered vintage and when antique?). What’s second hand then? Is it mass production? Anyone? I need help here…

Ok, I’m not a huge fan of all vintage/ 2nd hand things only because I just don’t really know how to wear it. If the dress actually belongs to 80 years old lady then somehow wearing it makes me feel and LOOK like grandma too. But I really, really do like people who can rock the vintage outfit without that smell of grandma’s closet. It’s all about the confidence here. However, I definitely couldn’t resist vintage Chanel, YSL, Balenciaga or Dior even if it makes me look like bizarre old lady… Haha do I sound snobbish? :)


Let’s get back to Vintage Fest – there were also a lot of handmade jewelry and accessories. But you know what, if 6 months ago I would say that embroidered brooch is super unique accessory that really stands out then right now it doesn’t feel like that anymore. Snobbish again?
Whatsoever –event was definitely unique and worth attending and I liked the common atmosphere there. It was inspirational and even if I didn’t buy anything I spend some good time there and met a lot of stylish people... As Boy already mentioned, we met Katya Shehurina and her adorable doggy (btw Jack Russell terriers are one of my all time favorites), Ance from Stils BezTabu who was actually selling nice stuff, Dace/ Jana from Zelta Zivtiņa and many more  :)

gingerbreads are top-stuff now - YES, Christmas is almost here :)

btw if you’re still looking for Christmas presents (and I know you do): here are some ideas…
Girls from Stils BezTabu were selling nice alternative for those who's already sick of žabo invasion:

  pretty thing for goodnight sleep from Alise, more info here

aaaand my favorites - deliciously looking bio candles (I could literally eat one)…

That's all for now...


  1. Fanny description by both - girl and boy.
    I got Festival's general feeling!

    bP on my way to Tallinn

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