Glühwein with a Jamaican twist!

Christmas is known not only for presents, santas, ginger bread, and annoying children choir, but also for a mulled wine. This Christmas's traditional beverage is popular, i guess, everywhere. There's a special word in any language, till exempel, in Scandinavia it`s called Glögg, in German-speaking countries - Glühwein, in Latvian - Kartsvīns, in Russian Глинтвейн. 

Riga, especially old town is stuffed with different kinds of Christmas markets with traditional seasonal crap. Walking around, we Girl and Boy, have noticed something outrageous - Jamaican bar Coco Loco, which has mulled wine too! And guess what, they make it with rum. Doh, Jamaican mulled wine without rum, wouldn't be Jamaican!
The beverage is delicious, has a nice after-taste and makes that all rainy/foggy days more colourful. Price: 1 LVL. Location: The Dome square. 

By the way a journalist from German TV channel ZDF was interviewing local Santa. I can't find that report, must be post-production...
Ok, i have to go now. Just a little teaser: tonight Girl and Boy are going to attend 3 venues - fashion magazine party,  store grand opening and radio program's 6th anniversary with a special guest Dj Chopstick from Berlin. 



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