Reanimated Vintage

Lately Fashion is Passion in cooperation with Domina Shopping Mall has announced a new, how do you call it...ah, right, contest “FIP new cut: recycling fashion”.
The organizers claims: "A ‘green’ idea on recycling clothing, positive life perception phenomenon and its entrance into casual fashion lies in the base of the contest – a ‘green lifestyle’ has become one of the freshest and contemporary tendencies in world’s fashion metropolitan life, and this is an amazing chance for Latvia to join it as well."

Well what can I say, in countries, which has actual designing and manufacturing industries this topic might be on agenda. Under conditions, when there's overproduction of goods and polluted environment, that "green" idea is worthy. But what in our country, Latvia? We have barely few designers who has "mass" scale production or pret-a-porter , the rest are more tailors... 
"The “FIP new cut” invites all supporters of green ideas, fashion artists and stylists to create and submit one sketch (...) showing how casual clothing is transformed into interesting and attractive piece of art. Besides, the only limit for the fantasy is the fact, that clothing must be casual!", declares organizers. 
So casual clothing has to be transformed into piece of art, which at the same time still has to be casual. Do they mean wearable?! I just can`t stop laughing. Girl is a witness. So the only thing i imagine is that they take "vintage" piece of clothing, make few holes in it, decorate with laces and brooches and jabot and voilà we have a creatively-artistic-casual piece of reanimated vintage! And how on earth you can submit one sketch, which actually shows how old crap is transformed?!
Before getting all socially responsible and environment friendly, I think Latvia has to establish a real fashion industry first. There are brilliant designers like Agnese Narnņica, Indra Selceviča, Katja Shehurina, Anna Led and many more. So I suggest instead of supporting some students from Latvian Accademy of Arts, help some real designers. For example by buying their clothes.
Of course in some ways it's good, that someone is doing something for local fashion industry. But so far only sponsors are benefiting... I just can`t wait for the finalists ' creations ... I keep you updated.
Here is semi-finalists:  Ineta Urtāne, Ignats Vaitis, Līva Ķauķe-Saule, Liene Dejus, Iveta Vilne, Līga Banga and Zane Poriete, who were selected out of 32 participants.  What the heck, Līga Banga is doing there, she has already proven, that she is a designer. It's just about the time, to work on proper full collections...


  1. Tieši par nosacījumu, ka ir "jāuzrāda skicē ka apģērbs ir pārstrādāts pa otram lāgam" lika man krist ģībonī un pat nemēģināt piedalīties. Manuprat- jābūt tieši pretēji- nevienam nevajadzētu saprast kā un no kā gala rezultāts ir tapis. Citādi- bezjēdzīgs projekts- projekts projekta pēc- jo kurš gan pirks svārkus, kuriem uz pēcpuses ir apakšveļa piešūta. Nevajadzigu lietu radīšana.

    Jusu lapai Open ID funkcija nestrādā, nevaru komentēt kā www.anii.lv. vai arī kaut ko nesaprotu

    Lielisks ieraksts! piekrītu it visam :)

  2. Anni, pladies par komentaru :) Manuprat, tas projekts ir tikai Domina laba - vini ir "zali un aktivi", atbalsta dizainerus. Par Open ID noskaidrosu.