In defence to Jennifer Lopez

We, Europeans apparently are more tolerant than Americans. Why I'v came to that conclusion? Well, it's easy - JLo helped me. 
There is a New Yers Eve's TV show on U.S. channel ABS Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest named after presenters. The show consists of hollywod-pre-taped music videos and life transmissions from studio and Times Square. The high point of that show is when everyone counts down till that famous New Year Ball or Time Ball or Times Square Ball drops down. By the way, just before New Year's Eve this huge crystal ball which descends 23 meters has been stolen and then found. There were lot of rumors about that mysterious disappearance of that thing, but back to business and JLo.

Jennifer gave a performance on the show that night. Singing her song "Waiting for Tonight" and wearing catsuit Diva Latina arose huge discussion on her outfit's choice among U.S. bloggers, journalists and other interested people. That costume has been called revealing, outrageous and atrocious, plus there are articles with a title like this: "Jennifer Lopez Successfully Avoids Camel Toe With Catsuit Outfit On New Year's Eve" or "Elephant Skin on the Stage". OMG why Americans are so obsessed with camel toes?!  

I guess everyone forgot that Jennifer Lopez is 40 y.o mother of two kids and with multi platinum albums.  It's so funny my American friend who lives in EU already few years posted on FaceBook today: "Maybe I have lived in Europe too long, but Jennifer Lopez' catsuit is NOT that revealing..."
 Dear followers, what do YOU think?    



Honestly I don't really care what JLo wears but that catsuit (and the coat) didn’t look THAT bad on 40 years old body (wow she’s already 40). I don’t love it, I don’t hate it, however when I heard that somebody called it elephant skin – I was laughing out loud (there’s some kind of true, isn’t it?). I don’t think that semi-sheer sparkling catsuit was successful choice for JLo but obviously because of that her performance got a lot of attention.

BTW women performers wear weird stuff all the time, so RELAX and take it easy!!!  



  1. For the starters J'adore JLo, she's only like a super idol to me haha:). I wouldn't say it is the best choice, BUT it is a performance and btw the catsuit is sooo reflecting on the song's video. She was covered in crystals if you remember, besides, anyone whose ever been into performing arts would know that sometimes there are no boundaries what comes to stage outfit. So in her defense I have to say - she could have picked same catsuit in nude to make a perfect match with the video, but since she is a smart and classy woman she decided to go with black for the NYs eve.

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