Oops they did it again...to Spears

Everyone remembers Candie's ad campaign with Britney Spears, right! It was like back to the 90`s but with more boobs involved and extreme amount of hot pink . For those, who don't remember, here are pictures and video.

Now breaking news: "Candie's announces Britney Spears will continue as the face of Candie's for 2010!" And here is a "sneak peek" of the campaign 2010

As Ms. Spears sings: "I mean please..." What's wrong with that FACE of Candie's 2010. On the ad campaign 2009 Britney's face was more happy and all smiling (head was also more groomed). Apparently she's no longer happy to be this company's face. This time it is certainly a big OOPS.  But what can you do, it's still recession and every little helps :)

By the way, remember that music video for song Radar?! So originally that track was in album Black Out. However producers were emphasizing that it belongs to album Circus. After rewatching that really strange video with weired clothing, I suddenly understood - Britney is covered in Candie's stuff!!! Ok, ok, Brit is not known for a good taste, but c`mon Ms Lifestyle of rich and famous deserves better. Apparently Candie's has asked producer to make an additional video where they can place their products with the message for teenager girls, that if Brit hasn't worn  Candie's she would have stayed with that older guy, and never escaped with that hottie on a horse ^_^.    

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  1. Boy, I'd rather ask- what's with the scrunchie in the Radar video. That was kind of odd. The whole outfit was some sort a pale reflection of pre-war style (1910) an then the 80's scrunchie on top of that trashed something that could have been pulled off. Didn't work for me -.-