Mass market brands and a great opportunity

I have two all-time-favourite mass consumer brands H&M and American Apparel. Why? It's simple - it's value for money. H&M is always on the edge of fashion, they have great creative team, and collaboration collections with recognized designers. aaaaaaaaaaaand size S at H&M perfectly fits me. When I like particular T-Shirt or Shirt, I don`t even take them to a fitting room - I'm 100% sure that it will be perfect on me. But American Apparel just speaks to me, despite the quality...
Speaking of tees and collaboration - H&M has announced another collaboration. This time with 18 y.o  Swedish designer André Lorenz Stock, who has started his business in his kitchen using white tees from H&M, iron and Paint over a year ago! More at http://bbook.se/. Now young Swede will do a collection for H&M and everyone can participate in designing!!! All you have to do, is to get familiar with his production and send a picture to facebook@hm.com before the 28th of January. Then André will pick his favourite pictures and use them! I`m so excited and I'm going to take part in that whole commotion! 

There is another reason to be excited - American Apparel has published a Lookbook for 2010. Yes, yes I know that collections don't varies much from year to year, but still they always have some fresh and new pieces.   

Let's shop - Spring is just around the corner!!! 
Pictures via bbook.se and facebook.com

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