Frazzo, Fatties and Lego

According to gossip and "news" portal vipi.lv, which reflects life of the rich and famous and otherwise known as National Gossip Portal has published a news, saying that Latvian Designer Alexander Pavlov has a sale of his last AW09-10 collection. In that article was given an address: Kr. Barona 44, Rīga. We, Girl and Boy were trying to find that store or place. Lovely shop assistant from Charles&Keith tried to direct us, but unfortunately, we were lost somewhere in the middle of backyard and a hostel(!). Maybe it was a gossip, that Frazzo has sales - the National Gossip Portal after all!
On the way back we have noticed a new clothes store for, hahaha, Cozy or Comfy Youth (apģērbs omulīgiem jauniešiem) read fat and chubby. Ok, ok demand creates offer, but so far I thought that cozy (read fat) or plus size kids is an exception for Latvia. Looks like I am wrong. After googling that store, i found out that the clothes sold there is meant not only for cozy, but stylish and trendy youth. Owner of the shop, Anda Bebre claims, that there is only few brands in Europe who makes clothes for fatties, but in U.S. offer is much more bigger (obviously). She still managed to find some Danish brand for cozy kids. On the one hand it is good that now we have something for cozy boys and girls, from the other hand - it is very sad, that there is such store.

And finally, as everything above has no connection to fashion and style here is something cool - my present from BFF, who is emerging designer in Moscow.

She has seen that lego bowties somewhere in the Internet and decided to make one for me. Mary, thank you very much again!

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